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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Seal-split 17308PC25
Wiper E101828PC21
Actuator, Rotary 140-17565PCALL
Cushion, Check 107453
Cushion, Needle 107553
Rod, Wiping 5030-1-1-2
Sleeve, Differential 13528PC125
Diaphragm 75624-15X7-5
Wiper, Ring 8433RVP
Wiper, Steering 23-6393
Roller, Elevator PL-F200668G001 REV H IT NO 20
Roller, Elevator PL-D200661H001 REV J IT NO 11
Wear Plate, Elevator PL-D200660H001 REV H IT NO 12
Attachment Link, Cha ASA60B2
Ball, Spline A500-9266X2
Spiral Ball Screw D8890X2IN0D
Klozure, Split NN1049CDET12
Lining, Friction PL316464PC226
Cup Bearing 16453
Cone Bearing 16455
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 8436841
Actuator Hydraulic 56-16770
Actuator Hydraulic M0DEL620B1
Actuator Hydraulic M0DEL620B2
Actuator Hydraulic M0DEL620B3
Actuator Hydraulic M0DEL620B4
Actuator Hydraulic 37-16765RBPCALL
Actuator Hydraulic 2595A
Steering Wheel, Marine 8630-38-71E
Arm, Pitman V08008005
Tray C230186-2
Tray, Conveyer C240160
Repair Kit, Steering 45K4023
Repair Kit, Steering 45K4022
Repair Kit, Steering 60036
Disk TS0688PC17
Strainer 3000048
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated LCVP36-1568376PC4T022
Brush AG15-09
Repair Kit, Cylinder 922829
Repair Kit, Cylinder 922938
Wiper, Rod A0H-8169-1-24
Cylinder, Hydraulic 292793
Cover, Dust 220948
Drag Link, Steering L28VT5050A11
Drag Link, Steering L28VT5051A11
Ring, Non E, Tension A04-401LT
Wiper, Rod 58930PC4
Drag Link, Steering L24AV3A11
Winch, Boat Davit 3813
Cylinder Accumulato 0616-003PC1
Valve, Pressure Regulator P55503-0015
Cylinder, Hydraulic A29-41
Piston, Package Asse A95-10
Chain A29135
Clamp 31509
Bracket, Rod B40164
Ring, Backup 4-51484
Wiper, Rod 4-51776
Ring, Backup 4-51485
Ring, Backup 4-04484
Wiper, Rod 4-06776
Ring, Backup 4-06485
Cup, Piston HC6-00X4-84X0-12-0-56
Wiper HU1-37X1-75X0-06-0-18
Tiller Arm Assembly PBR31-245-2490651PC13-14
Tiller, Landing Craf LCM6-1298901PC9KT09M
Steering Gear 5675530SIZED
Tiller, Boat M4-515P0RT
Tiller, Boat M4-515STBD
Tiller, Emergency M4-520
Steering Wheel, Marine 644V24IN
Lining, Brake R6714PC2
Tiller, Boat 36LCPLMK11MYBC011-001
Tiller, Emergency LCM8S2200-1387530PCDTL4A
Steering Gear H36485
Steering Wheel, Marine 35562
Winch, Boat Davit 15-154
Winch, Boat Davit 15-153
Davits, Boat, Boom 342-35701-11
Davits, Boat, Boom 342-35701-1
Scraper, Piston Rod 5500-15
Cargo Drop Reel E2525
Lining, Friction 310964PC34
Lining, Friction 310964PC35
Carrier, Elevator C230112
Lining, Brake, Winch 311024-35
Lining, Brake, Winch 311024-36
Ball Stud 98MGD1
Parts Kit, Cure Date 922629
Ball Stud Assembly 922691
Ball Stud Assembly 922692
Parts Kit, Overhaul 938345
Wiper, Rod 161-0100-18BUTYL
Wiper, Rod 161-0200-18BUTYL
Wiper, Rod 161-0175-18BUTYL
Steering Gear TA71410
Levershaft Assembly TA704006A1S625
Cam And Tube Assembly TA703014A1S4950
Lining, Friction 416AJ2

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