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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

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Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873201 AND LD631415
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873201 AND LD631416
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873202 AND LD631417
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873202 AND LD631418
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873203 AND LD631420
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873206 AND LD631425
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873206 AND LD631426
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2872980
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 2873203 AND LD631419
Drive Assembly, Basi 846250
Mainspring And Cup 64-41
Alarm Conversion Su 1886660
Steering Wheel, Marine 46395A2
Ratchet Assembly, St D100599
Cylinder, Hydraulic 28967
Piston And Gear Rac 28966
Lining, Friction TYR451
Rod, Piston SM-2-582-C-4
Ramp, Bow 122-4661543DET11
Ballnut Assembly 62469
Reel, Cable 54000038
Hoist And Cylinder, Assembly 709-4684852TR
Piston, Cylinder H7-250
Band, Brake B-11292-1
Piston, Hydraulic SM-2-553-U
Coupling, Flexible 1887166-24
Piston, Accumulator 935707
Piston, Accumulator A57-210-A
Valve, Bleeder, Accum 935713
Wiper, Strip JW104179A
Coupling, Turning Ge 46296D324
Hub, Gear, Worm 46296E328
Worm Shaft And Gear 46296E331AND46296E334
Worm Shaft And Gear 46296E332AND46296E333
Computer, Rudder 1884272-2
Variable Ratio Helm 1888756-1
Rod, Wiper 10572-H
Plunger Assembly 7253
Drive Assy, Automati 712-906
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical KV-17110
Booster, Steering Co 113407
Steering Wheel, Marine 8287561-6
Gaging, Head Assembl A768-236-50
Cushion, Cylinder 4674779A-0007
Striker, Cylinder 0726-309 PC6
Guard, Cylinder 0726-310PC9
Housing, Cylinder 0726-309PC1
Stop Block, Cylinder 0726-309PC2
Stop Plate, Cylinder 518-4674779 ITEM 1
Arm, Striker 0726-310PC14
Elevator, Ammunition, Shipboard AD37-703-1929125
Packing Kit, Steerin ASC1533228
Packing Kit, Steerin B-9K-45
Elevator, Ammunition, Shipboard AD37-703-1929100
Lever, Platform 709-4684906 ITEM 46
Lever, Platform 709-4684904 ITEM 3
Platform Assembly 709-4684903 ITEM 5
Platform Lock Mech 709-4684905 ITEM 2
Housing, Platform 709-4684879 ITEM 2
Gland 709-4684879 ITEM 3
Rod Assembly, Steeri 518-4674753ITEM25
Rod, Connecting, Stee 518-4674753ITEM2
Cylinder, Steering N175-750
Plate, Access 8-52-195
Guard, Level Wind 8-52B-91
Frame, Base 8-52B-87
Cover, Base Frame 8-52B-128
Cover, Housing 8-52B-109
Cover, Housing 8-52B-110
Drum, Cable E-990-1C-1
Cable Attachment 990-7-1
Plate, Support 8-52-99
Plate, Support 8-52-100
Guide, Plate 8-52-101
Guide, Plate 8-52-102
Guide, Plate 8-52-103
Flange, Mounting 8-52-123
Housing 82005/8-52-104
Reverse Assembly RR1511-4
Block, Guiding 8-52T-07
Plate, Retaining 8-52-108
Plate, Mounting 8-52-124
Plate, Access 8-52-118
Plate, Mounting Switch 8-52-200
Collar, Mounting 8-52-96
Cradle Assembly 2580150
Drum Assembly 2580120
Brake Assembly 2580140
Load Stabilizer Ass 2580060
Hook Assembly, Cargo 2580160
Quill, Manifold 8-52-305
Manifold Assembly 8-52-310
Flushing-snubber Unit 8-52-04
Retainer, Ball, Crank A21509-B
Disk, Detent A23014
Pin, Stop B25329-10
Body, Handcrank Asse C20136-B
Housing, Handcrank C2209-M-12
Frame, Housing 8-52-88M
Head, Cylinder 687509

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