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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Connector And Cap 4602-372 ITEM 2
Helm Assembly E048198
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 391275
Coupling, Steering 56999273
Coupling, Drive Assy W1400-170
Ring, Split, Guide RG203187-4
Steering Wheel, Marine E301583
Hub, Cylinder C-112,127
Control Head Assembly 13226E0337
Cone, Rotary Control 7899-009-006
Main Body Sub Assembly 7899-002-00X
Handle, Release 1123192-LH
Plate CB041-04102 ITEM 59
Plate CB041-04102 ITEM 58
Cable, Support Assem CB041-04129
Pivot, Reverse 7475-045-00Q
Clamp, Brush 7896-061-000
Trunnion, Scoop 7896-019-00N
Arm, Pivot 709-4684920 ITEM 12
Strap Release 709-4684911 ITEM 1
Cam 709-4684920 ITEM 43
Link 709-4684911 ITEM 7
Lever 709-4684911 ITEM 9
Finger 709-4684911 ITEM 15
Link, Locking 709-4684920 ITEM 2
Hanger, Clip 709-4684920 ITEM 8
Cam 709-4684920 ITEM 19
Plate, Cover 709-4684920 ITEM 24
Stop 709-4684920 ITEM 30
Stop, Body 709-4684920 ITEM 31
Channel, Hanger 709-4684920 ITEM 52
Roller, Lift Assy 709-4684909 ITEM 3
Insert 709-4684909 ITE
Block, Slide 709-4684909
Drum, Cable 8-52T-01 ITEM 3
Post, Support, Pulley 8-52T-01 ITEM 18
Pusher, Cable Drive 8-52T-159-1
Sheave, Support Brac 8-52T-2
Plate, Guide 8-52T-119
Bar, Sliding 8-52T-121
Handle 8-52T-156
Plate, Cam 8-52T-149
Arm 709-4684909 ITEM 37
Stop 709-4684882 ITEM 67
Arm 709-4684916 ITEM 30
Link 4684916 ITEM 35
Shaft, Drive 709-4864879 ITEM 11
Side Plate 8-52B-38
Casing, Drive Unit 8-52T-01 ITEM 8
Post, Support, Pulley 8-52T-01 ITEM 17
Plate, Spacer 8-52T-01 ITEM 85
Cover, Flush Fixture 8-52T-401
Transducer 8-52T-19
Guard, Pulley 8-52T-25
Handle, Stowage Syst 8-52T-28
Guard, Level 8-52T-91
Block, Spacer 8-52T-07 ITEM 36
Plate, Guide 8-52T-416
Receptacle, Magnet 8-52-16PC2
Chock, Index Platform RC6408
Shaft-sleeve RC6426
Plate, Metallic 709-4684882 ITEM 41
Plate, Metallic 709-4684882 ITEM 54
Connector Arm 709-4684904 ITE
Latch Bolt 709-4684904 ITEM 1
Scoop, Reverse 7896-012-00M
Pivot, Ball Joint 7558-066-00R
Lever, Reverse Balan 7896-036-FGX
Ball Joint, Marine 7896-064-00H
Rod, Reverse 7558-042-00N
Fitting, Swivel 7475-039-00D
Pivot, Control 7475-037-00M
Trunnion, Steering 7475-018-00T
Collar, Thrust 7475-020-00R
Lubricator, Starboard 7558-089-003
Lubricator, Port 7550-090-00X
Flange, Transom 7896-002-00S
Ball Joint, Marine 7896-063-00M
Control Assembly, Rotary 8143-000-OAC
Steering Assembly 8142-000-OAK
Rod, Spring Guide 7558-073-003
Brush, Scoop Housing 7896-060-004
Pivot, Ball Joint 7899-019-00V
Rod, Rotary Control 7559-011-00X
Tiller-ensign Staff 245-2535654 PIECE R26
Adaptor, Control He D0709
Lever, Hand Contol D21572
Bushing, Tiller 300634-2
Roller Assembly EJ-51002 PIECE 33
Wheel, Steering 13226E0365
Reservoir, Oil 7550-130-00T
Housing, Seal 7940-041-00R
Housing, Needle Bearing 7940-039-00T
Standoff Gear 60967
Housing, Seal 7940-040-000
Cap, Bearing 7485-004-00B
Sleeve, Plain 7940-048-00S
Housing, Seal 7550-038-00V
Steering Gear Assem 7812897
Housing Frame 8-52T-88

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