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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring 7485-077-00N
Case, Inlet 7895-006-00H
Link, Steering 7896-041-FGL
Plate, Brush 68142-062-00V
Lever, Steering, Inboard 7896-029-00H
Lever, Reverse, Inboard 7896-030-00K
Crank, Rotary Control 7899-010-009
Lever, Steering, Outboard 7896-034-003
Base, Vertical 8-52T-408
Base, Upper 8-52T-409
Flushing Fixture 8-52T-400
Housing 8-52T-414
Base, Pivot 8-52T-21
Base Frame 8-52T-87
Adapter, Brake 8-52T-417
Frame Support 8-52T-312 ITEM 1
Handle 8-52T-017 ITEM 2
Cam 8-52T-122
Cylinder, Locking 8-52T-151
Shaft 8-52T-155
Cap, Isolator 8-52T-410
Box, Cable Data AM-3748-1
Frame, Pivot 8-52T-06 ITEM 2
Piston, Tilt Cylinde 66557-2
Ring, Slide, Cylinder 32T06750-46-1
Steering Follow-up 518-4674757
Support, Spacer 8-52T-45
Lock, Subassembly 8-52T-01 ITEM 1
Flushing And Snubbe 8-52T-04
Cable Attachment 8-52T-019
Shock Absorber HS22-4-6
Fluidicshok 4DP-8582-010
Bumper 324494 ITEM 63
Bumper 323494 ITEM 24
Excluder 324304 ITEM 31
Quadrant 13222E7280
Fingers And Holder G11-30A
Automatic Pilot Ass 862615-1
Tool, Tuner 2888298
Piston Seal, Cylinde 052-PS025-200
Cylinder, Air AR81B
Parts Kit And Seal RG2AHL135
Cylinder, Air 5AC3CCA
Position Assembly 115659102
Butterfly 232-4-B
Hook, Dog B250-261
Console, Ship Control 878010-0001
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated E47209-21FT
Cylinder, Hydraulic 76625-03X1
Clutch, Brake Lining E250-139-E
Hydraulic Power Mod 115659074
Disc, Friction 222-839
Lining, Friction 722345
Brake Lining 722344
Padeye, Sliding EJ-51010
Padeye, Sliding EJ-51002
Steering Gear M20182
Lining, Friction 129843-8
Drive Assembly, Emergency EJ-51021
Retainer, Snubber 3-3822-39
Retainer, Snubber 7-3822 PIECE 7
Pilot, Poppet 3-3822-22
Guide Tube Assembly 3-3822-30
Bracket Assembly 4-3822-29
Retainer, Poppet 3-3822-13
Console, Ship Control 10-1753-4
Sleeve, Isolator 501-0128-061
Solator, Hydrofoil 77896-501-0128-066
Control Station 2010-128ASSY98SS
Steering Console MSL2-278
Piston, Ram P163770-0100
Head, Booster P106117-1000
Cap, Booster P106118-0102
Insert, Booster P105056-0007
Piston P106120
End Cover Assembly P163771-1100
Cylinder PC-P164074
Filler Breather F182C001 ITEM 5
Wiper, Hydrofoil 526-4669078-42
Wiper, Hydrofoil 526-4669078-44
Wiper, Hydrofoil 526-4669078-45
Wiper, Hydrofoil 526-4669078-46
Rod, Tie P106238-0122
Rod, Tie P106246-0122
Collar 5256781 PIECE 12
Rack 5256781 PIECE 75
Rocker Assembly 526-5330371-2
Link Assembly, Hydro 526-5330371-5
Idler, Link Assembly 526-5330371-7
Wiper, Hydrofoil 526-4669078-43
Wiper, Hydrofoil 526-4669078-68
Tiller, Boat 41UT2200-1 ITEM 1,2
Plate, Mounting 4684920-0010
Stanchion Post 5256781
Guide 4684913-0011
Piston Rod, Actuator 7-3822 PIECE 23
Gland 7-3822 PIECE 25
Drive Assembly 4684919-0001
Retainer 4-3822-11
End, Rod 4-3822-05-1

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