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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Aug 18, 2019

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Diaphragm, Valve Fla 81418S41-404152PC9
Steering Control Ca H11557PC16
Repair Kit, Steering C32400A1
Steering Wheel H11557PC17
Lining, Steering Gea A20035C016
Stop Piece 102-706PC3
Stop Piece 655
Stop Piece 112-621-1PC8
Rod, Valve 9-55V
Guide, Rod 102-534-2PC10
Brass Assembly 25-56V
Disk, Valve 102-804PC7
Header, Exhaust, Star P4999-1S
Clamp, Elbow To Head P4999-6
Nipple-flanged, Mani P4999-4
Nipple-flanged, Mani P4999-5
Header, Exhaust, Port P4999-1P
Cable 82PC2
Cable 017051-4
Cap, Housing B8004-08-001-33
Tank, Anti-syphon C175175
Repair Kit, Seal 62497
Sheave B1623-1
Retainer, Bearing V08-008-16
Support, Steering Co H11812 2
Adapter, Steering Co H11812 3
Adapter, Steering Co H11812 4
Steering Wheel 032207
Valve, Air 1123 215
Pin And Ring E20022D001-95
Cartridge, Packing G 321 68APC11
Scraper, Piston Rod 321-68PC12
Seal, Cup Rod 321-68APC13
Cup, Piston 321 68APC15
Tube And Flange Ass 21159-21145-5223
Ring, Cylinder C5605A
Wiper, Cylinder 1E409-710-1RPC35
Seal, Rod, Cylinder C6708AV
Hose Assembly 17898N
Hose Assembly 27893N
Bushing Assembly B111638
Bar, Torsion D105850
Seat, Sliding Block C110507
Neckband, Elastic 4X14784PC11
Pad, Friction C110516
Rod End, Transfer He C112212
Mount, Cylinder C112215
Retainer, Transfer H C112209
Guard, Sheave D106810
Retainer, Transfer H C112296
Bumper, Crank D106632
Yoke, Transfer Head D106828
End Rod, Transfer He C112009
End Rod, Transfer He C112195
Rod, Tile C112010
Piston, Transfer Hea D105796
Roller, Transfer Hea C112040
Diaphragm, Transfer C111991
Diaphragm, Transfer C111990
Lining, Friction 19483PIECE2
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated LCM3-120281PC4
Scraper, Rod D28031-13
Wormshaft 201-466PC11
Rack, Gear 60595D526
Rack, Gear 60595D525
Plunger MB1075-6PC5
Nut Assembly MB2192PC39-40
Gear Segment MB2717-33
Control Assy, Steeri S17
Control Assy, Follow S30
Lining 94-64-110
Pitch Trimmer Unit AD2-2800
Control, Mechanical CH1-3100
Wormshaft 4857000
Seat, Relief, Valve 235-13412
Liner 13598-30
Cam, Differential Co 21-159X26-10PC55
Gear Cluster, Wormwheel-bevel 12604PC325
Lining, Friction 4368941-2
Valve, Relief 234-13412
Reeling Machine, Cable 26170-01-02
Davits, Boat, Trackway 2780-1RH
Davits, Boat, Trackway 2780-1LH
Davits, Boat, Trackway 3386
Davits, Boat, Trackway LST1156S8201-1187125
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 566396
Wheel, Steering M17018
Gear B X M18035
Gear B X M18034
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated M18137
Capseal, Hydrofoil K1N5224
Clamp, Hydrofoil 420C75-325M
Steering Assembly 20-299
Ball Check Kit 69051043-41-46
Lining, Friction 14W7
Piston Assembly, Thr 7142
Arm, Clutch Cam 159070
Drum, Cable 645055ASYMB0L2
Drum, Cable 74771
Cock SN5750-20PC2T07

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