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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

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Support, Stanchion 5032743-516
Flange, Air Motor 5562235-307
Coupling, Push-tite B-66A
Coupling, Push-tite 5562196 PIECE 203
Glass Sight Assembly 5F40-102
Reeling Machine, Cab S-509
Drum, Cable R-743
Link, Brake F-2196
Live End, Brake F-2197
Bladder Accumulator Assembly 702928
Cover, Work, Station 5032743-519
Plate, Pin Chain A-150-7063
Regulator, Air, Type 5562154 PIECE 207
Lubricator, Microfog L17-600-MPDA
Roller, Link Chain 5562235-350
Socket, Stanchion 5032743-510
Stanchion.middle As 5032743-500
Pigtail, Cable Assem 01589-D-1-592
Winch, Boat Davit 2D3-405-2
Cylinder, Hydraulic 2-5CC-2HLTVS33AC76
Adapter, Female Ring H908041 PIECE 12
Adapter, Male Ring H908041 PIECE 14
Structural, Support 900994
Column, Propulsion H908088
Cylinder, Propulsion 00823067 PIECE 1
Cylinder, Hydraulic 1-1/8HHC5-5/8CRAKY
Cylinder, Hydraulic WSH-3-2X5-3/4
Winch, Boat Davit 2D3-442-1
Pad, Slide Forward 5562235-302
Cable, Control 989009
Repair, Parts, Kit 760-01-0112-0062
Friction Shoe 305696
Block Friction 305954
Jaw, Clutch L-686
Plate, Wear, Elevator H20089W001 ITEM 38
Plate, Wear, Elevator H20089W001 ITEM 34
Winch, Boat Davit 326394-1
Liner, Cylinder Assembly Z20089G028
Spool, Low Pressure C0089D024
Spool, High Pressure C20089D016
Sleeve, High Pressur F20089D001 ITEM 14
Retainer, Control Va F20089D001 ITEM 7
Strip, Wear Guide Ra B20087W018
Unistrut, Crosshead H20087N001 ITEM 39
Support, Hull, Gear 5032918-335
Angle, Locating Forw 5032743-502
Cam, Weldment, Grip SK60337-1
Adapter, Plate And C SK60332
Torque Bar 203659
Rod, Guide H20089P001 ITEM 51
Plate, Wear, Elevator H20089W001 ITEM 35
Barrel, Actuator, Rud 7-5081 ITEM 1
Rod End, Actuator, Ru 7-5081 ITEM 5
Actuator, Valve Serv 7-5081-08
Lever, Cam 8-52-120
Cylinder Assy And W H20087A001 ITEM 4
Sump Tank And Pump H20087A001 ITEM 9
Retainer Assembly 3-3768-11
Plate, Bottom 63D715984G1
Plate, Bottom 63D715983G1
Sheave Drive Hydro SX212397A
Transducer, Actuator Q3403
Differential Assy H20087K001
Tank Assembly Eleva F20087A001 ITEM 10
Stanchion Assy H20087A001 ITEM 15
Governor Overspeed H200845A001 ITEM 10
Deck, Control Eleva H20087C001 ITEM
Crosshead Assembly H2008N001
Cylinder Hydraulic 3-25CF-2HLTS29C68
Housng, Actuator Ru 7-5081 ITEM 11
Cap Assembly, Actuat 7-5081-04
Panel, Power Distributor 6999ED1242A
Door, Elevator, Ammun 624D-2155-349
Retainer, Damage Control Console 63B301563G1
Insert, Quill 7-5081 ITEM 25
Slip Ring Assy 8459A012
Spooling Device, Rea 1206282
Control P50967-2
Clinder, Hydraulic 2HHC10.5CCAY
Hatch, Knob 0481C0166
Speed Governor, Elevator 200171-D-001
Cam, Weldment, Grip SK60337-2
Cylinder, Hydraulic 3-25CGP-2HLTVS14CX38
Pad, Hose Guide 1214D2458
Pivot Bar, Push Rod 1214C2142
Support, Scuffer 1214D2296-1
Support, Scuffer 1214D2297
Support, Scuffer 1213E2815 F
Housing, Carriage 1214D2325
Cartridge, Spring Pu 1210D2141
Adapter, Emergency Drive 1210C2556
Pad, Spring Cartridg 1210D2143
Frame, Roller 1213D1784 FIND 1
Support, Encoder 1210D1913-1
Support, Encoder 1213E1180 FIND 92
Carriage, Support Fr 1214D0983
Plate, Harness, Encod 1210C1940
Housing, Encoder Ass 1214D1904
Container, Encoder 1213D1901 FIND 6
Box, Enclosure 1213D1412 FIND 1

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