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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
End Support, Push Ro 1213E2815 FIND 33
Cover, Coupling Hand 1213E1161 FIND 9
Belt Guard, Lower 1213E1161 FIND 18
Drum, Handling 1213E1161 FIND 1
Frame, Drum Mounting 1213E1161 FIND 2
Plate, Lubrication 1213E2815 FIND 94
Pad, Hose Guide 1214D2459
Support, Idler 1214D2137
Support, Hose Guide 1214D2457
Scuffer, Carriage 1214D2298-1
Actuator Assembly, Switch 1210C2572
Panel, Auxiliary 1214C1082
Roller, Diameter Sensor 1210C0961
Wiper, Kit, Nut, Ball 0481D0165
Support Frame, Level 1214D0941
Housing, Ball Nut As 1214D0990
Support, Junction 1214D2571
Hub, Roller, Shaft 1210C2311-2
Hub, Roller, Shaft 1210C2311-1
Rudder 76621-01X4PC12
Cylinder Hydraulic RT-854-C
Cover, Cylinder, End RT-300-108-A
Cylinder, Head CFP-1143-B
Plunger, Cushion RT-505-A
Piston, Cylinder RT-300-102-B
Boat, Cylinder RT-883-A
Anti Slack Device MDL3400
Cam, Cargo Elevator 40957-4
Support Assembly 1213C#413
Cable Assy 1213D1581
Plate, Support 1210C1714-2
Cable Assy 1213D1578
Harness, Levelwind 1213C1842
Cylinder Hydraulic C-6602
Link Tray D270-442
Slug Friction 65125-378
Pad, Slide 5562235-303
Plate, Shaft 1210C0958
Hub, Friction Disk 25400070
Plate, Adjustment 25400064
Housing Brake 21477-5
Cylinder, Hydraulic HSR-252T
Piston, Hydraulic Cy MSM127/2/3
Support, Cable Guide 1214D1868
Scuffer, Carriage 1214D2298-2
Cylinder, Hydraulic SRJHY62B-2N-3-5/8-740-DA
Drive Assembly PL 1213C2557
Roller Assembly PL 1213E2815 FIND 40
Encoder Assembly 1213E1180 FIND 17
Cylinder, Hydraulic 0726-278
Bumper 1173682
Bumper 1173672
Bumper 1173732
Cylinder, Hydraulic EEO44133A
Cylinder, Hydraulic EE043584B
Console, Ship Control 4568E0090
Sutter 01-0120 ITEM 31
Controller 62-521
Accumulator 08-6012-1
Wiper, Fairlead 1210C1126
Disk, Rotary Joint 1210C0850
Subplate, Pawl 1213E1665 FIND 37
Subplate, Relief Vent 1213E1665 FIND 61
Collar N-1568-3 PIECE 60
Piston N-1568-3 PIECE 21
Plunger, Spring N-1568-3 PIECE 14
Liner, Limiter N-1568-3 PIECE 13
Liner, Cylinder D-9072
Collar, Pinion, Spur B-18740
Plunger, Input C-22013-1
Cover, Plate 1210D2974
Sensor Assembly, Ang 1213D1827
Rod, Crosshead 2014-42 PIECE 12
Bumper 1173812
Davits, Boat, Boom 57515
Kit, Cable Assy 2098-0175-54
Piston, Power 15621-11
Rod, Control 15860-7
Center, Floating 16145 PIECE 161
Valve, Blocking 16418 PIECE 10
Valve, Selector 16418 PIECE 9
Valve Decompression 16418 PIECE 8
Valve, Automatic 16416 PIECE 13
Piston Automatic 16416 PIECE 12
Actuator Assembly MA11A1145-1
Disk, Steering Gear 15205-3
Collar, Control 15859 PIECE 72
Collar, Stop 16145 PIECE 125
Grab, Clutch 15442-9
Balancing Disc 01-0121 FIND 34
Balancing Disc 25000317-3
Support, Flex Hose 1210D1257
Plate, Chain Guard Left 1213E1665 FIND 67
Subplate, Vent 1210D1242
Steering Gear 850488-8
Steering Gear 839441-3
Lining, Friction 15206-21
Strike Down, Lift M2200-101
Control System Elev 14081700-1
Steering System, Rack And Cable E047209-20

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