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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Dec 08, 2019

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Trough, Cable 1213E1175 FIND 14
Control Pneumatic D P58721-1
Filter Assy Air P15-2479
Flip Tire 601734
Shock Absorber Assy 316554-3
Latch Assembly 55825 ITEM 19
Latch Assembly 55825 ITEM 20
Pigtail, Cable Assembly 01589-D-1-583
Scraper 42100A
Coupling, Fixture 1213D2676
Spling C102166
Spline C102165
Stop C11292
Sleeve, Locking 76621-01X3 PIECE 22
Bottle Assembly F20087T001 ITEM 12
Davits, Boat, Boom 57505
Bottle Assembly F20087S001 ITEM 11
Rod, Tail 75621-01X3 PIECE 5
Arm Angle 1214D2138
Adjuster Assembly 513-5750022-038
Box Assembly, Starboard 5750022-053
Turbolator, Refriger 16N14-239 PIECE 13
Head Tank Assembly 107959044
Spline, Carrier C102164
Cam, Follow Up D105637
Drain, Case 1214D1131
Sleeve A320-4325
Arm Assembly, Door 5750022-006
Adjuster Assembly 513-5750022-037
Box Assembly, Port 513-5750022-002
Chain Container 533527
Magnetometer Winch D-24234-001
Drum, Assembly 4684666
Cover, Wiper Case 1214D1138
Wiper, Fairlead 1213D1150 FIND 26
Support, Hand Rail 1214C1134
Coupling B-20035-D133 AN
Retainer, Shoe, Foward And After 501-2151708-16
Retainer, Shoe, Side 2151708-PC-15
Stop, Drive 2013-47 PART 74
Lock, Adapter 4684684 PART 1
Block Bearing 701-149740-29
Davits, Boat, Boom 56885
Elevator, Ammunition, Shipboard 701-4711384
Piston, Hydraulic, Cy 1989337PIECE32
Frame, Protective Shield 1214D1103
Helm Assembly 48198
Socket And Pin, Elev JD-5025-346 PIECE 692 693
Bus Assembly, Ship 71E62-08
Structural Assembly 71E62-01 ASSY
Panel, Ship Control 71624-33X1
Lintel 804-5184129/53AND54AND81AND96
Plate, Mounting 804-5184129/30
Door, Elevator, Ammunition 701-5564294 PART 1
Housing, Angle Sensor 1214D1826-2
Console, Switching 9-602-01
Accumulator, Piston A72523-200
Yoke End B2708-8A
Panel Assy 9-601107-01
Panel Assy 9-601105-01
Block, Stop C475G017
Stop, Tie Rod Assy C20064G031
Davits, Boat, Boom 56895
Hook Assembly 871170
Door, Elevator, Ammun 701-5588801 PAR
Modification Kit, Deck Machinery PDB-132
Console, Cargo Elevator Control LHA1CL-528-2298264
Control Panel, Elevator 6999ED431
Steering Gear Assem F475A001
Control Unit, Steeri H475D001
Fill-drain Assembly H475P001
Ram, Link Type, Steer H475G001
Cylinder, Ram, Hydrau H475G001 ITEM 11
Tierod, Steering, Shi C475G019
Cylinder, Ram, Hydrau H475G001 ITEM 1
Stanchion, Deck, Bearing H549A001
Slide 87621-2002 ITEM 24
Operating Rod 87621-2002 ITEM 49
Console, Ship Control 84-26221-GR.2
Control Set, Propuls F010-10020
Guide, Dog Bar 701-4323731 SH 24A PART 38
Cable, Control 17367-11
Arm, Shaft B475D046
Arm, Shaft B475D051
Tierod, Steering Gea C475G032
Rodend, Steering Gea C475G046
Link, Rod, Steering G C475G048
Rodend, Steering Gea C475G049
Stop, Removable J108625
Drum, Cable 8-52N-90M-1
Drum, Cable 8-52N-90M-2
Frame, Pivot 8-52N-22
End Cap 090-HD74A-N0200-138-999
Steering Wheel, Marine 1876354
Panel, Control, Sprinkler STD-506-2290170 ASSEMBLY 1
Elevator, Ammunition, Shipboard 701-5553921
Door, Elevator Ammun 624D-2155-344
Door, Elevator, Ammun 624D-2155-332
Door, Elevator, Ammun 624D-2155-337
Indicator Unit, Cabl D605-2602

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