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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 20, 2020

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Steering Wheel, Marine 644BR-20IN
Rack, Cable 37373
Dimmer Assembly 1858132
Power Track D200841E047
Control, Steering PD41269
Davits, Boat, Boom D405180
Drive Assembly, Spec A27067
Steering Wheel, Marine SW-59491
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated PF38526-500
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated SH-5000
Steering System, Marine 1976324
Carrier Assy M2133-101
Steering Gear, Electrohydraulic, M H544A001
Steering Gear 1885259-678
Stop, Limit 1975679-2
Stop, Limit 1975679-3
Stop, Limit 1975679-1
Panel, Control, Pneum F011-1131
Parts, Kit, Panel, Air B732-690
Control Head Assemb F021-10151
Control Head Regula B502-0331
Control Head B502-032
Quadrant, Rudder, Rope 75A612601-1003
Hydraulic Installin 1213E1665
Parts Kit, Panel B732-687
Parts Kit, Panel B732-927
Rotary Control Assembly H525F001
Control, Panel C0AS-500 01-380
Control Head Assemb F020-10002
Control Head F021-10111
Ball Screw And Nut EJ-41008
Receiver, Interlocki RI3411-1
Piston Rod Assembly 5-2338-3-01
Dolly 709-4684893 ITEM 18
Arm Assembly, Door 513-5750022-005
Rubber, Cellular 1-2830-0-01
Reeling Machine, Cab FEE310A-6
Davits, Boat, Boom D-405241
Davits, Boat, Boom 35N
Panel Assembly, Lubo System 300-5331407-1
Power, Fairlure Spec 264-16922-1
Steering, Parts Spec 1886298
Control Assembly, Le 4950A1300-1
Power Unit, Hydraulic 1976323
Panel, Valve D56844
Control, Special B502-031
Steering Wheel, Marine 17216341
Coupling, Special D10350
Control Panel, Pneum P90197
Rod, Connecting 2010-120 PART 8
Control System 20260-002
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 2010-410SS
Charging Gaging Ass 144596 0000
Bumper Cap Assembly 993-2013-7
Sleeve Staring Pis 993-2010-3
Assembly, Torpedo 993-2009-5
Control Assembly, Di E20035D001
Power, Unit, Elhyd M2300-009
Rod, Pull 085109-1500
Charging Assembler 144595 0000
Shock Absorber, Spec SAS1 1/2X3 1/2-RFS-MH-52-94-98
Kit, Reconditioning 993-0168-1
Power Unit, Special 2154-664
Strikedown, Liftsys M2000-509
Cylinder Pivot Head 5703
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 2010-409
Adapter, Special M13006-0776
Cam, Sensing E-200161-C-001 DETAIL 33
Cam, Sensing E-200161-C-001 DETAIL 41
Reservoir, Hydraulic 1884826
Power Unit, Elhyd S17-43392-0
Power Unit, Elhyd 1882204-6
Control, Pneumatic, Propulsion MS362-4500
Cylinder, Steering 2825-00033
Steering Failure De 1111-12800
Steering Amplifier 1111-10900
Guide, Assembly D200151G001
Generator, Synchro Z20035D080
Wheel, Trick C20035D015
Collar, Special 1188852
Control Panel, Sequencing MLF36079G1
Latch, Handle 1210C1141-1
Plate, Hinge 1210C3235
Cover, Drain Case 1214D3016
Drain Case 1214E3011
Frame, Wiper 1214D3015
Spindle AR342-55T1
Guage, Oil Temperatu G620-8-B-1
Braket And Coupling B-200161-D-002
Retainer, Davit Winc 184092-A
Retainer, Special 181352
Control Pedestal, Remote B-15319
Plate, Special 6-19-0N
Hydraulic, Sheave 20247
Support, Special 526-4596671-9
Strip, Isolator 526-4669198-9
Control Station, Valves H594-2302-27 AS
Aft, Strut Weldment 526-5331441-5
Aft, Strut Weldment 526-5331441-6
Support, Special 526-4669201-33

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