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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Dolly, Torpedo 15221001
Control Plate, Assembly 100010012-8
Steering Gear, Electrohydraulic, M H182B001
Davits, Boat, Boom 55825
Console, Ship Control 878110-0001
Console, Ship Control 100010012-3
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 5968327-26
Power Unit Elhyd H554BG001
Power Unit, Elhyd 5D3-02288
Bulkhead, Forward, Vim 1210D3412
Elevator, Ammunition, Shipboard 1157-4-1
Guide Roller 1898424 ASSY 99
Lining, Friction D9010-1 4X34.326X.250
Winch, Boat Davit D-10582
Winch, Boat Davit E-0002-R
Shaft, Ground Assy 37000-5L-CPF
Spray Eliminator, Po MK10-20
Spray Eliminator, St MK10-30
Spray Eliminator, Po MK10-40
Spray Eliminator, St MK10-10
Winch, Boat Davit 35G-MKII-256-RH
Steering Gear MLF-31
Davits, Boat, Boom D1-D-466
Pickoff 27-85855-101-1
Internals, Complete CI-1604358 THU CI-1604365
Internals, Complete CI-1203969THRU CI-1203976
Gear Box Assembly 45865
Bellows, Hp S-150H316
Bellows, Lp S-150L316
Splice And Tee Kit 338003-D5-19
Coalescer 338003-D22
Helm Assembly D300252
Power Unit Elhyd 202932
Strut, Special 8730000-90
Strut, Special 8730000-80
Strut, Special 8730000-70
Strut, Special 8730000-110
Strut, Special 8730001-70
Strut, Special 8730001-60
Strut, Special 8730001-110
Strut, Special 8730001-100
Strut, Special 8730001-90
Strut, Special 8730000-100
Strut, Special 8730001-80
Gear Train, Hull 51006G032
Davits, Boat, Trackway 2E5-204-B
Roller, Davit Arm 2B1-2445
Gripe, Boat 2B1-2618
Gripe, Boat 2B1-2619
Latch, Grip 2B1-2532
Latch, Gripe 2B1-2459
Kit, Helm Trim HF-07
Cylinder Actuating K-2B
Parts Kit, Steering Gear KS-12
Davits, Boat, Trackway 2E5-204-A
Brake, Centrifugal 73L-0-410AW
Rail Assy, Safety 1214D1135-2
Steering Assembly, H MS-02110-21
Console, Unit, Remote 0507X0104
Lining, Friction B-3498-89
Plate, Wear, Elevator 701-6544370 DETAIL 11-B
Steering System, Marine 434094
Eliminator, Spray 338006-28-20
Eliminator, Spray 338006-28-10
Handwheel, Deck Machinery AMD-693-LH
Handwheel, Deck Machinery AMD-693-RH
Steering Wheel 644ST SIZE 32
Steering Gear 6668586 ITEM VH-3/4
Lining, Friction 6547C020-1
Lining, Friction 6547C023-1
Mast, Navigation, Marine 13226E0500
Control, Slide 173643
Arm, Ram Drive Assembly 4684916 ITEM 31
Winch, Boat Davit M901530
Lining, Friction D-407252 ITEM P
Davits, Boat, Boom 407021
Control, Directional 85743-02P 24HD
Feedback, Dual Posit P-2
Console, Ship Control PL 4980A200096-1
Dog, Driving N1029
Winch, Boat Davit M901531
Lining, Friction WIN0001
Davits, Boat, Boom 407246
Dog, Driving N1028
Rail Assembly 1214D1135-5
Console, Ship Control 10-2229
Pump And Filter Assembly, Elevato H604AD001
Gauge, Tilt And Trim 174490
Lining, Friction 2A1-750
Console, Ship Control 4981A100096
Console, Ship Control 4980A100096-1
Control Unit, Tug 20168373
Rudder Feedback Unit 22501647
Steering Gear OB750-11
Cylinder, Steering, S 08302D-1
Bar, Tier, Special 08303C
Cylinder, Trim, Speci 08301E-1
Steering Engine, Hydraulic, Marine 2288-000-00000
Console, Ship Control 1975608-604
Lining, Friction 10-1732-3PC670

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