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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Dec 15, 2019

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Tie Bar Assembly TBH-01
Tie Bar Kit OBKH-11
Tiller Extension Ki KF-100
Linkage Arm PL-H200661D001 REV W IT NO 1
Steering Wheel, Marine 304950-001
Davits, Boat, Boom D407502
Winch, Boat Davit BHY 3500
Winch, Boat Davit BE4-XL
Steering Gear S-H-40110
Console, Maintainer TD156-1700-03 ITEM 1
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 5771820
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 6298397
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 5771821
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 5771822
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 5771819
Winch, Boat Davit BE4-YR
Wear Plate, Elevator 6618089-10
Handling System, Weapons And Ammu M2000-009
Handling System, Weapons And Ammu M2701-103
Lining, Friction 0021-2843-980
Clamp, Ring 5190363
Arm Assembly, Roller C20094R001
Arm Assembly, Roller C200941L001
Lining, Friction 385078105
Roller 701-6373166
Steering Wheel, Marine 214E
Position Transmitter 61042
Guide Assembly Helm 63762
Cover, Helm Control 60995
Cup, Helm Control 30260
Box, Helm Control 30261
Escutcheon 61011
Lining, Friction 0021-3051-000
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 6169452
Bracket, Upper Pivot 7896-013-FGT
Console, Maintainer TD156170001-0001
Console, Bridge Control 770-1
Console, Bridge Control 1200A
Lining, Friction 167A8474P6
Davits, Boat, Boom 407163
Steering Wheel 1979403-2
Helm Unit H61-001
Steering Gear AY-01216
Lining, Friction B311748
Adapter, Potentiomet B8104540
Tray, Loader, Unloader CC0149
Console, Ship Control 401-4674814 ITEM 1
Trough, Storage 1213A4208
Tray, Vertical CC0150
Console, Ship Control 401-6357300 ITEM 16
Console, Ship Control 401-6357300 ITEM 13
Steering Wheel, Marine 1979403
Blade, Cable Cutter, Submarine 1713D1032
End Cap, Actuator, Right-hand 1804-1284
Lining, Friction C314218
End Cap, Actuator, Left Hand 1804-1284
Console, Bridge Control 416-68
Steering Gear, Electrohydraulic, M H615F001
Davits, Boat, Boom 2680A
Lining, Friction C-1887-L-A-2
Drag Link, Steering 414C3056-2M
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, HI-412-3000
Track, Lower Assembly CC0148
Console, Bridge Control 4999A9000-1
Steering Gear 2032M-001
Track, Lower Assembly CC0151
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 6657356
Davits, Boat, Boom TYPE PHA
Power Unit Hydraulic HI-417-4000 REV B
Tray, Loader, Unloader TW0216
Sling Assembly, Boat 1065
Plate, Steering Gear B502Z005
Lining, Friction N1001A
Davits, Boat, Trackway 5D3-03335
Winch, Boat Davit BE6000-MK-XR
Winch, Boat Davit 902209
Block, Stop 701-6607521
Davits, Boat, Trackway 5D3-03299
Console, Ship Control 401-6357300-51
Davits, Boat, Boom 805-1645271-50CLBS30X96ALU
Console, Ship Control 401-6357300-41
Davits, Boat, Boom 711267
Power Uint, Elhyd 101184-M
Davits, Boat, Boom 101171-M
Lining, Friction 27928-PC2
Davits, Boat, Boom D5512-CT
Davits, Boat, Boom SPG-VL-7.5/13.5
Davits, Boat, Boom SPG-VL-7.5/13.5 PORT
Shoe US0113
Davits, Boat, Boom SPG (H) 7.5M/3850
Winch, Boat Davit D407943
Winch, Boat Davit M902489
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 398735
Davits, Boat, Boom D406757
Piston 2300-2336 ITEM 45
Gripe M95204
Ring S-35-30
Ring 118-101-1911
Lining, Friction 6404326
Steering Gear 2032E-001

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