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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

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Disk, Valve 26-44-30
Actuator, Electro Me 534793
Sprocket Assy S8201-653941PC354L
Sprocket Assy 2221PC354R
Pulley Assy 502
Pulley Assy, Steerin 3802SIZE30
Tiller Assy S60066PC31
Crosshead Box Half 13598-124
Valve, Four Way Hydr 1500PC1T015
Carriage Assy, Rolle 89567
Arm, Gear Clutch 159050
Gear Assy 13598-181
Gear Assy, Worm Whee 13598-99
Spring Leaf MCVAP2S22-0-549PC17
Chain, Sprocket 2207PC369
Gear Sliding Spur C2529-9
Steering Gear CC6317
Steering Wheel, Marine A-2928
Gear And Shaft Assy S60066P11-13
Receiver, Hydraulic, N15340PCN15340-1
Cam, Slotted PN24
Rack And Cable Assy E47209-24FT
Housing Assembly V09-011-043
Cover, Output Housing B8005-09-011FN17
Plate V16-003-378
Housing Assembly B8005-09-011FN37
Control Assy, Hydrau 156672D
Receiver Assy, Hydra 1263878
Eccentric, Brake 20031
Control, Hydraulic 51DH545
Control, Transmitter 20C048
Cam Case Assy 42427-53SYM46888
Shoe Crosshead MXL461PCMD3-069P
Cup, Packing X1009E1PC34
Diaphragm, Pneudyne 59086-4 LINE 2
Cup, Packing 97506
Disc, Buffer CV34S1701-364484PC703
Rachet S8201H3183337PC101
Tripper, Hydraulic C 20A177
Plate, Cylinder Cove 202805
Seat, Valve Assy DE129S4105-241319PC4-36-37
Seat, Valve Assy Y1033B1PC5-36-37
Plate, Retaining 26B
Plate, Retaining 2280-6PC86
Plate, Retaining CA139S8201-863246PC103
Shaft Assy, Worm 3387-11PC23-24LH
Crushing Piece Half 13523PC43
Sleeve, Shaft 81418S41-404180PC163
Diaphragm, Regulator 9351-5
Belt Assy, Chain 168
Disc, Friction 1228
Seat Assy X1046A1PC13-32T036
Stop Assy, Limit 154186D
Stop Assy, Limit 154372D
Stop And Trickwheel 156688D
Block, Sliding Tille 102-617-2PC2
Piston, Guide 522438
Retainer, Bearing 172982
Slip Ring, Moulding 89553
Bearing Assy 4575PC111X111-1
Operating Assy, Elev BUS1130
Gripe Complete, Sing 630
Ball Nut And Screw 5667305
Piston, Main MC3-031CA
Pin Assy LST542S2200-2705H60BSB55980
Spacer Ring AM136S42-157PC25
Bearing Box 476556PC214
Box, Connecting Rod 13598-123
Liner, Connecting Ro 13598PC100
Guide, Follow-uprack L92
Brass, Connecting Ro MCE1S2200-458292PC18
Valve, Cutoff 1591
Piston, Servo Motor 1022157-152
Segment, Steering Ge C2914-1
Quadrant, Steering G 13513PC5
Gear Assy, Spur 26-44-17
Packing Assy 432TB8048
Control Assy, Push, P A78229
Seal Ring, Shaft B35240
Gearrack LSD16S2200-556129PC1
Control, Pneumatic D PD20032-8790
Actuator, Electro Me P60263-1
Quadrant 7407-22-18
Fin, Vertical 7407-22-24
Gear Box 9003
Crank, Reverse 7407-41-1
Cap, Hydraulic Contr 20A178
Transmitter Assembl 20C027A
Slipper 80106XPC126
Plunger, Oversize PD70P-A
Gear And Shaft Assy 11202AND11316
Control, Air 850446
Actuator, Electro Me P60269-0002
Control Air 850462
Ring Assy 89558
Valve, Equalizing BL10
Plunger, Valve MB2178-1-6
Plunger, Oil S2456
Packing Assy 60561DPC10
Lining, Friction AA107-28

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