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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Aug 22, 2019

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Detent Assy, Right H D105777RH
Detent Assembly, Lef D105777LH
Repair Kit, Filter F02-4-100A
Valve, Exhaust P58640
Steering Wheel 1U16-3-4
Sleeve, Yoke 8630-52-10
Diaphragm, Upper, Air X1075G2PC87
Cup, Packing F52306PC91563
Stop, Rod SN5750-36PC28
Valve, Pneudyne SN5750-36PC50
Sleeve, Operating 2XE60B
Retainer, Cap 15358
Seat, Spring 81418S41-404176PC58
Valve, Inlet, E, Haust X1076A1PC72-73
Davits, Boat, Boom SCH0TTYPE9200LBCADACITY
Bow Door Operating N371
Tongue Tiller 87919PC7
Tiller, Boat 364561PC135
Tiller, Boat 350750PC73
Tiller, Boat 133244PC17
Tongue Tiller 350750PC70
Tiller, Boat 282243PC7T09
Tiller, Boat 385802PC7T09-18
Clamp, Shaft 2200-771744REVAITEM87
Ramp Mechanism, Bow LST542S1608-270468
Repair Parts Set, Dr S69P5021-571
Handle, Crank 8630-52-3
Lever, Reverse 8630-52-6
Lever, Reverse 8630-52-7
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 7008V1005
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, DE224S7802-178202
Lever AP0
Diaphragm, Controlai CP50930NPC10C
Brake Assy, Transmit 20C081
Receiver Assy 20E025
Driving Unit, Ammuni DD692S7802-269047
Steering Gear, Elect 476549
Servo Pumping Unit, CR70289
Sump Pumping Unit, A 497529AND497545A
Bow Door Operating N277
Power Unit, Electric 1583-23
Steering Wheel, Marine LCVP8515PC1T09
Steering Wheel, Marine M17030
Liner, Cylinder MXL461PCMC3-030C
Piston, Valve MXL461PCMC3-031C
Liner, Valve MXL461PCMC3-030CA
Plunger, Oil JPD169
Body, Cylinder JPD36
Cover, Connection JPG14
Piston, Steam MC3-063P
Slipper JPD2-016P
Valve, Bypass JMC2-042V
Lining, Friction 213072PC9
Winch, Boat Davit 1189D1
Piston, Compensator 16009
Body, Valve 16550
Cable FC187-16
Head, Clutch S60066PC25
Quadrant, Gear S60058-1
Tube With Nut BL25
Piston, Actuating, Cy H170-2
Tank, Filler BL47
Plunger, Valve H70-6
Power Head H61
Valve, Bypass And Ve 306000
Box, Shaft 11787-8
Box, Spring 26-20-28
Column, Engine 13598-14
Column, Engine 13598-15
Column, Engine 13598-16
Cylinder, Double 1193000
Strip, Bearing 5088000
Plunger, Main Cylind 12755-37
Center, Worm Gear 855000
Plate, Bed 13598-23
Case, Worm Gear 848000
Cover, Worm Gear 13598P45
Stand, Control 5009000
Casing, Gear 2338000
Stem 13598-220
Stop, Valve 13598-221
Floating Center Uni 13547PC577-607-595-570-603-569
Liner, Crosshead Box 13598-101
Valve, Control 5502000
Pump Leather NSD80660-6
Control Assy, Pump S32
Roller, Box 154151DPC143
Cam And Gear 14280-10680
Rod, Valve 6-55V
Plunger, Pump 4575PC180
Stop Piece, Ram 102-206-2PC48
Diaphragm X1079A1PC99
Valve, Relayair Y1015B2PC3
Actuator, Electro Me 520525
Valve, Rotair 521739
Valve, Rotair Y1022A1PC2T022-52
Regulating Unit 521847
Valve, Rotair 521849
Valve, Reduction 521938
Valve, Pilot 522442

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