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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

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Guide, Valve Seat X1036D1PC31
Quadrant, Rudder Rop A4399
Control Assy, Push, P A2860-1
Control Assy, Push, P C1234-19FEET
Retainer, Inlet, Valv 522757
Valve, Supply 524104
Valve, Controlair, E, 522827
Retainer, E, Haust, Va 522829
Pneudyne 24682
Brake Shoe Assy Y1081F1PC6-11T013
Diaphragm, Air, Valve 9351-002
Actuator, Electro Me 21-22-25-27-33T036
Cylinder, Actuating P58994-1875
Controlair 526686
Valve, Inlet 522826
Seal, Check X1080F1PC50
Piston, Relayair, Val Y1015A2PC6
Diaphragm, Large, Air 59086-4 LINE 1
Valve, Supply 523266
Valve, Supply 523517
Piston Assy, Relayai 522446X87017
Cylinder Assy, Cam, S 528687
Cylinder Assy, Singl 524550
Strainer 521363
Body 521635
Valve With Plug Y1022A1PC6-20-21
Valve, Rotair 521848
Piston With Tip Y1029C1PC22-24
Actuator, Electro Me 3262738
Valve, Magnetic 523004
Actuator, Electro Me P60269-3
Valve, Air A101914
Valve, Pilot P61862
Valve, Supply P005125
Valve, Relayair 534671
Valve, Relayair P63158
Valve, Relayair 529017
Diaphragm, Air, Valve 541886
Valve, Rotair 520454
Valve, Reducing P5504-0100
Valve, Reducing 54514
Stop, Limit 155316D
Head, Davit 501
Shock Absorber 531
Trackway, Left Hand 523
Weight 539
Tripping Bill, Hook 540
Davit Head 551
Weight 557
Head, Davit 580
Trackway 590
Block, Floating 602
Davit Head 102-302-3PC3
Davit Head 611
Trackway 612
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 363906
Drive Assembly, Electromechanical 66086A1
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 335-3T0969-1390S1-1786
Tee, Adapter M19057
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated T12553-27
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated M18009
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated M18015
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated M18038
Quadrant, Rudder Rop 3309-11
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 2408W2337-1SHFT
Column Assembly M19074
Body, Control 15310-1
Shuttle 16549
Receiver, Hydraulic 20C049
Valve, Hydraulic, Transmitter ET20C035
Arm Assy 20B065
Piston As Y 20A195
Chain, Section 64578
Chain, Section 167
Chain Assembly, Sect A110
Chain Assembly, Sect A112
Tray, Long Assembly A113
Carriage 1544-531-65-4
Section, Chain 734
Gib, Guide Top BUS108
Gib, Guide BUS116
Roll Assembly BUS455
Roller, Lever BUS349
Web Assembly 249
Web Assembly DD692JM1931A1015BB
Web Assembly 251
Web Assembly 252
Chain Assembly 34
Roller Assembly 38SA
Gate Assembly 7LH
Gate Assembly 7RHDD692JM1931A
Gate Assembly 7ALH
Gate Assembly 7ARH
Bar Assembly 209A
Bar Assembly DD692JM1931A101
Roller, Pintle 230
Chain, Section 474
Link Assembly F1302
Link Assembly K1303
Chain, Section 4612

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