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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2020

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Flight 4686
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated M18049
Fairleader, Steering 575N03
Steering Wheel 617195PC1
Wheel, Steering R-451-24 BORED
Spindle JPD2-020P
Cable F8367-4-524-88
Cable 4538-8
Cable, Control 4538-7PC4
Cable Assy, Throttle F8407-225
Element, Filter Y1108A1PC31C
Element, Filter Y1290A1PC41-43-44
Filter Assembly 526898
Filter Assembly Z1030-1PC2-4T08
Valve Assembly Y1016A3PC2T06-8T020-22T029
Valve, Supply 78806
Valve, Regulating 80993
Valve Assembly E70107
Piston Assembly Y1015A3PC6T010
Strainer, Filter CV592
Cock Assembly Y1026-1PC2T07
Chain, Hoist 540-701-201CHN
Chain Section 4503
Shoe Assembly, Top 7676-3PC55T057-60
Rim, Complete W Bolt R1340AT
Chain, Length 7676-5PC17
Worm 16S164A
Rim, Compression 7840-4P38-55
Spindle, Roller 7676-3P45
Link, Connecting 7676-3P54
Chain, Section S63358-3P110
Roller, Car Guide S63905K
Connection, Roller S63905H
Roller, Jam 61429PC45
Wormshaft 61527-1-123
Box Journal, Drum Sh 1917-11APC1101-1102
Box Journal, Drum Sh 1917-11-1103-1104
Box Journal, Gypsy S 1917-12-1201-1202
Box Journal, Gypsy S E12104APC1203
Hovering Display Co 4567E0016
Valve, Control-lock 1EE-C12-P12T-30
Wiper, Rod 569580B16
Throttle Kit A48581
Carrier, Conveyor C230184
Ball Nut And Sleeve 5707519
Console, Ship Control 10-1753-2
Lever, Clutch A9715
Lining, Friction V5150319
Subplate Assembly PR8430G1
Shaft Assembly N25100SAA
Indicator Assy, Rudd N25106SAB
Shaft And Pinion 14233
Cam Gear, Follower 14280
Sleeve, Clutch 14615
Spanner, Ram Tension C302724
Support Tool And Ad C302725
Bushing Extractor C1005-010
Position Transmitte E108217
Rod 4109-16
Trunnion, Threaded 4109-24
Tension Rod 4109-12
Cap 4109-19
Connector, Swivel A31126
Cable D032377-003-144
Control Head E32897
Shaft, Power End 20-299-7-22
Guide, Rail Wiper C112272
Parts Kit, Shock Abs PAPTS KIT N092
Stock, Lower 49511-01X03PC2
Capscrew And Lockwa 597-123-1885403PC17-30
Cylinder Assembly 46-1067
Seal Kit, Piston PK2502A001
Cartridge Kit RG2AHL0171
Shift Kit A60280
Helm Assembly A46661
Steering Wheel, Marine 175R
Control Head 067979-001
Block, Friction 201-4ALT1PC33
Plunger Valve 319024PC7
Plunger And Restric 71057PC227
Shaft V09-010-703B
Bar, Torsion D105785
Trickwheel 201-634
Bedplate, Control Ge 201-630
Shafting And Gear A 201-625
Cylinder, Steering G 201-616
Bed Plate, Cylinder 201-616PC27
Tie Rod, Steering Ge 201-614
Tiller 201-611
Panel, Control E6PB
Steering Wheel, Marine M17035
Scraper, Accumulator CEC401-214E515-8
Scraper, Rod D28031-7
Spring Assembly G07-17G06-12
Remote Rack Support 11812BPC9
Pitch Setter, Propel 1-106761-18-1
Test Cable Assembly A17862
Finger Holder G11-30G13-08
Arm, Steering C13644
Block, Steering C19775

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