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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

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Can, Steering D5557
Collar, Clutch C20166
Lever, Steering B18721
Stop, Steering B25492
Stop, Steering B25490
Handle, Transmitter 20B025
Unit, Master 1811-2723AA
Unit, Slave R3899AA
Reservoir, Hydraulic 52R136A
Parts Kit, Cylinder VH11
Controlair Valve P51272
Valve Assy, Supply 850890
Valve, Control 878-285ALT14PCABA3B3G3AND881-28
Steering Stand 201-642
Ram, Steering Gear 201-615
Control, Pneumatic D 2972-210PCV2
Console, Ship Control MILS17422TYPE1C50D06-2
Cushion, Vane Seal 26-9-562
Cushion, Shoe Seal 26-9-568
Barrel, Cylinder 38249
Link Connector, Stop JD5025-353-785
Lining, Friction E106312-66
Crushing Piece, Stee 62648-9
Lining, Friction WW318-55
Diaphragm 578-2200-1574593REVAPC7
Lining, Friction N1234PC42
Steering Wheel 404460
Davits, Boat, Trackway 2742
Steering Wheel, Marine LCVP36-500600PC1SPECIAL
Bearing Unit, Deflec 220-147-1NS COM
Ram Unit, Deflector 220-146-1T18X20
Valve, Bypass 3679-168PCVLASSY
Diaphragm 9862-003X7PC6
Piston And Piston R 574-2200-811862REVEPC2-3
Pad, Spring 49M61-36PC30
Winch, Boat Davit
Lining And Bands, Br D9384
Gear Box Assy, Diffe JD5025-355-885
Nozzle, Steering 7407-21-1
Adapter, Winch C22523
Adapter, Winch C22521
Adapter, Winch C22522
Control Assy, Pump H3247030REVB
Actuator, Mechanical 1000460
Actuator, Mechanical 1000412
Steerer, Telescopic S8228-4-40H1428876-2T020
Strut, Intermediate 4NE7
Strut, Main S8228-4-40H1428869DETAILB
Rudder, Boat S8228-4-40H1428871DETAILA
Control Assy, Valve 48073
Cam Case Assy, Hoist 49007
Liner, Guide Shoe 3918-8A8S0
Wrench 2030005714725
Seal Kit RK2AHL0171
Drive Unit, Hydrauli 55494
Wiper, Rod 3436-11-2
Valve, Control Air P50290
Steering Stand 650237A
Steering Unit, Motor 640929L
Steering Unit, Motor 645055A
Plate, Internal, Thru 4EF6-73354-26
Winch, Boat Davit 2016-2LH
Davit, Boat, Trackway 3695
Winch, Boat, Davit 3636
Winch, Boat, Davit 3636
Gear Assy, Rotating 220-107
Guide, Spring 578-2200-1674831REVALINE6
Guide, Spring 578-2200-1674831REVALINE7
Guide, Spring 578-2200-1674834REVALINE6
Cup, Packing P5000
Rocker Arm 398197-1
Cam Case Assy, Elect 41321
Drive Subassy, Elect 41322
Drive Subassy, Elect 55497
Valve, Servo 099-12905
Guide, Plunger, Valve 539116
Plunger, Valve 539114
Piston Assembly, Cylinder P50262
Piston Assembly P50255
Piston Assembly, Cylinder P50254
Piston Assembly P50263
Diaphragm Assembly P55409-1
Cage Assembly 540108
Pumping Unit, Electr 55619N431
Valve, Relay Air 555247
Control, Pneumatic D P52082
Control, Pneumatic D P52151A
Control, Pneumatic D 3341657
Control, Pneumatic D P59336-3
Steering 117407
Receiver Assy, Contr 20C060
Support, Gear Rack 102A
Support, Gear Rack 1022A
Broken Rope Device, 615A
Drive Assy, Hydrauli 179126-347-700A
Valve, Relay Air R431004924
Cylinder, Actuated BP50585APCP51124
Diaphragm Assy, Cont P52500
Disk And Seal, Valve 850051
Disk And Seal, Valve 562373

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