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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Crushing Piece 62904-12
Valve Lock, Brake 520452
Quadrant, Rudder, Rope 320-1
Liner, Elevator H20089N001PC8
Liner, Elevator H20089N001PC9
Ring, Retaining, Shea C20089F003
Ring, Retaining, Shaf C20089F004
Ring, Retaining, Shaf C20089F012
Cable Assembly, Cont Z20087C019
Ring Set, Elevator Z20089G032
Parts Kit, Hydraulic D34906KITF1
Ring, Mounting H20087G001PC41
Ring, Mounting C20087G028
Ring, Mounting C20087G046
Ring, Mounting C20087G074
Sheave 3386-6-30
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 319
Lining Friction 113-1SIZE23
Lever, Clutch 110SIZE23
Clutch, Friction LCM6M0D1-1488194PCC
Lining, Friction 230
Lining, Friction 2226
Valve, Air P51121
Valve, Air 501251
Valve Assembly, Pilot Air P53060
Steering Gear 4CA41
Quardrant, Rudder, Ro S60059-1
Coil, Valve 2361-04
Bumper, Piston 10-450-51
Plate, Ring N811F-08
Cup, Cylinder CWK620-10PC12
Winch, Boat Davit RC3525H
Ramp, Landing Ship Stern LCM8-145-1847020LESSPCM5M9T0M11
Cylinder Assy, Actua P50011
Piston, Cylinder, Lin BP50264
Rod, Piston, Linear A P54094-1
Rod, Piston, Linear A P54094
Piston, Relief Valve 2030006904019
Steering Gear, Elect CA72S2200-524890
Piston Rod Assy 4351000
Gib, Valve Stem Guid 13598-116
Cam, Follower MB2753-1
Wormshaft 5192
Roller, Cam 62446-362
Roller, Cam 62446-363
Housing And Seal, As 1264387
Valve, Piston 12557F2327
Quadrant, Rudder, Rope A2303-08-10DET6A
Arm, Tiller, Starboar ASPB50-518-2534080PC44
Arm, Tiller, Port ASPB50-518-2534080PC45
Bumper Assembly D104867
Pad, Friction C109669
Pad, Friction C109560
Pad, Friction C110484
Cylinder 192758
Valve Assembly, Pilo 531045
Wiper, Rod A8347 25
Valve, Supply 58903
Wedge, Tensioning De JD5502-817PC1
Gib, Male Jaw JD5502-824-2
Roller, Shoe Assy JD5502-703PC22
Gib Male Jaw JD5502-824PC1
Control Assy, Push Pull 3627-9-141
Davits, Boat, Boom 3530-1
Ring, Backup 25108X19
Roller, Tension D100775
Shield E, Haust Tube 7407-26-6
Shield, Exhaust Tube 7407-26-7
Handle, Manual Relea CVA19S7802H1093214-111
Adapter, Wrench CVA19S7802H1093238-19-20-21
Eye, Lifting CVA19S7802H1093238PC22
Brakeband Assembly GVH22PC91
Lining, Friction 385
Wheel PC6500C
Diaphragm, Brake D390
Plunger, Brake D02391
Plate, End AC897
Plate, End AC896
Lining, Friction 34314PC152
Tube Metal 8630-39-6G
Cover, Protective, Re D6679-2
Lining, Friction WW349-39
Spring And Washer A 3609-1-19
Adjusting Screw P50237
Control, Pneumatic D 191875
Governor, Pump, Press 544825
Control, Pneumatic P58720
Piston, Cylinder Ass P50295
Piston, Cylinder Ass P50254
Rudder Stock LCM8S2200-1387530PCM4ANDP3
Rudder Blade LCM8S2200-1387530PCP1
Winch, Boat Davit 3619RH
Winch, Boat Davit 3619LH
Differential Assembly MBL2-119A
Transmotor Assembly PM52002REV1
Guide, Tensioning De 385ADPC385AD1
Seat, Compression He 385AE1
Roller, Rocker Arm C 487YPC487Y2
Roller, Rocker Arm C 1205

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