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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Hatch, Marine 805-1624070ASSY5
Hatch, Marine 805-1624070ASSY6
Hatch, Marine 805-1624070
Hatch, Marine 805-1624136ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624135ASSY3
Hatch, Marine 805-1624135ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624100ASSY3
Hatch, Marine 805-1624136ASSY3
Hatch, Marine 805-1624141ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624137ASSY3
Hatch, Marine 805-1624137ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624109ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624096ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624108ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624108ASSY3
Hatch, Marine 805-1624070
Hatch, Marine 805-1624121ASSY1
Scuttle, Marine 803-1401892 ASSY B
Scuttle, Marine 805-1623057
Scuttle, Marine 6139062-30
Hatch, Marine 805-1624110ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624139ASSY101
Hatch, Marine 805-1624092ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 803-1624120ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624120ASSY3
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 805-1623053ASSY366
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 6397261 ASSY 20-A
Hatch, Marine 803-1624098 ASSY 3
Hatch, Marine 805-1624104ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624070ASSY10
Hatch, Marine 805-1624089ASSY2
Hatch, Marine 805-1624091ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624093ASSY1
Hatch, Marine 805-1624093ASSY3
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 1626357
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 6397261 ASSY 40
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 6397261 ASSY 37
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 803-6397261ASSY(38)
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 805-1626510
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 6397268 ASSY 28-A
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 6397261 ASSY 36
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 803-6397261
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 803-6397268
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 6397268 ASSY 30
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 803-6397268-31
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 803-6397268 ASSY 32
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 632594
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 632586
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 632579
Autocoupler 034641
Hose, Hydraulic 883A036726
Amplifier, Periscope 034816
Fender, Marine Dock MILP19380
Mount 379155
Bracket 380215
Plate, Seachest Cove 389292PCD3
Clamp, Prism P1388PC6
Roller, Cradle 563-7503-931280PC2
Block, Bearing 27514
Cylinder, Accumulator 533231PCA3
Shipping And Storage R1PAREN50
Knee, Pushing 7407-27-3
Chock, Rope, Open 7407-30-2
Chock, Rope, Open 7407-30-3
Chock, Rope, Closed 7407-30-4
Hawse Pipe DE1014-119-1338545
Hatch Cover Assembly 12901
Carrier, Rudder LST542S2200-111988PC2
Cylinder Assy, Actua P1166PC16
Rod, Wiper 110-27
Propeller Strut 8630-27-1B
Propeller Strut 8630-27-2B
Yoke, Connector, Bow 5336-000
Retainer Assembly EL06-002-175
Stopper Assembly, Chain S2605-860000
Hatch Cover 466331ALT10
Ray Filter Assembly, Red P1513-4ANDP1513-3ANDP1506-34AND
Prism, Head 2409-1016539PCP280-2
Handle, Right Hand, T P2953REVAPCP2968-1SH1
Handle, Left Trainin P2968-2
Track, Face Plate Mo P2848-4
Box, Stuffing Rayfil P1503-4
Buoy Release Mechan 593-401-1862487
Prism, Head P1475-3
Sliding Clevis Asse 737REVAPC28SH1
Rudder And Stock 2263116 PC57T059
Heater Assy P3683-2
Diaphragm 9869-027K9PC5
Screw Assy, Ball Beam S5789
Cleat, Deck 8630-45-2
Deck Closure 879116DC1
Deck Closure 816491-8
Catch Assembly, Mari 805-1624072PC79T083-87-88-90
Catch Assembly, Mari 803-1624106PC79
Spring Assembly, Con 46893
Bracket Assy 815465
Cleat, Rope 6139109 FIND 12
Prism, Eyepiece P1475-10
Rod Plunger And Bus P2862-4-5
Screw Nut Ball Asse 9864-256X5-5-6-10-14

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