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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rudder, Marine 75D-WAGL-2200-1
Box Assembly, Indica 933F055010
Bitt 805-1843362 10IN
Chock, Rope, Closed 805-1843363 18IN
Window, Non-icing CC72-36
Window, Non-icing CC71-33
Seal Assembly RE-D49483 ITEM 5
End Fitting, Seal RE-C102149
Quadruplexer, Input N2153
Focusing Relay Asse 050099
Lens Assembly 50210
Lens Assembly 50150
Assembly Angle, Pontoon 6139078-5
Causeway Component, Sea End 6002567-P6
Padeye Support Fendering System SK91062P2
Pad Eye SK91062P1
Support Connection Fendering Sys SK91062C1
End Connection Fendering System 6138999-6
Intermediate Connection Fenderin SK91062C3
Fender Cushion 6138999 FIND 22
Support Bracket 6139110 FIND 37
Fender Side SK91071E1
Chain Lashing 6139109-42
Pile Cover SK91091C1
Seat, Ball Assembly 522-4674924 ITEM 4
Bumper Set 522-4674892 ITEM 8,9
Piston 522-4674892ITEM
Level Semi-circular 6139001 FIND 5
Connecting Kit, External Spudwell CEL-77-15-1F
Connecting Kit, Internal Spudwell CEL-77-15-1F
Hydraulic Pump, Pontoon 77-24-2FSK9108
Hose, Exhaust 5129441
Remover, Impeller J22143
Connector Sender Assembly SK91071A1,1B2,1C1,1D1,1G1,1S1,1-
Strut, Propeller Shaft 41UT-4301-5
Insert, Hull Fitting 400-4674851 ITEM 16
Insert, Hull Fitting 400-4674851 ITEM 17
Shoe, Aft 4675689-0013
Shoe, Forward 3128A
Shoe, Port And Starboard 4675689-0011
Bumper, Mast, Antenna 128-4677987 ITE
Bumper, Mast, Antenna 128-4677987 ITEM 14
Cylinder Assembly 4674923-0001
Cap, Closure, Antenna 413-4491167 PIECE 20
Plate, Bearing C-11866
Cap Assembly, Antenn 413-4491166 PIECE 26
Cap Assembly, Antenn 413-4491168 PIECE 20
Lever, Valve, Selector 204087
Piston, Cylinder Air 87553-1506ITEM6
Piston End, Air Inte 708-4674149ITEM35
Stop, Rotary Joint 885C052227
Strip, Back-up 125-1702474 PIECE 5
Shoe, Bearing 125-2119084 PIECE 8
Guide, Periscope 400-4674855 ITEM 6
Rod Separator, Rubbe 400 5489324 REV
Insulator Gasket 400-4674856 ITEM 18
Guide, Periscope 400-4775334 ITE
Retainer, Shaft D-9500
Shoe, Mast Bearing 125-2115722 PIECE 8
Bearing Shoe, Mast 125-2005564 PIECE 23
Bearing Shoe, Mast 125-2005564 PIECE 22
Bearing Shoe, Mast 125-2005564 PIECE 10
Bearing Shoe, Mast 125-2005564 PIECE 9
Bearing Shoe, Mast 125-2005564 PIECE 8
Bearing Shoe, Mast 125-2005564 PIECE 7
Tape 84-9800-75844
Enclosure Assembly, 413-4491193 PIECE 20
Pad And End Lock, Cu 2470-6-1-KIT
Cylinder, Air Interl 88-D-267
Hoist Assembly, Cylinder 4674891-0001TR
Accumulator 4687555-0002TR
Nosepiece, Cylinder 4685194-0019
Tie Down Assembly, A 805-1916300REVMTYPE13
Link 87861-1512 ITEM 25
Rod, Operator, Water 123-4645245 ITEM 22
Cap, Antenna Closure 413-4491194 PIECE 20
Horn, Insulator 665B011838
Handle, Hull Assembl 4692990-1
Window, Hull Assembl 4592657 ITEM 8
Window, Hull Assembl 4692993-1
Frame Assembly, Window 887F050028L1
Guide, Crosshead 4685198-0008
Guide, Cam Follower 87861-1510ITEM9
Retainer, Crosshead 87861-1510ITEM7
Crosshead Assembly 4685197-0001
Insert, Plastic, Sill CS-5700-363
Shaft, Marine 686B012859
Sensor, Pin 011660
Harness Assembly 911F039923
Harness Assembly 911F039924
Autocoupler, Wavegui 908C039620
Accumulator 2642-693-01ITEM1
Assembly Angle 6002567E915L
Assembly Angle 6002567E915R
Assembly Angle 6002567E917L
Assembly Angle 6002567E917R
Assembly Angle 6002567E919L
Assembly Angle 6002567E919R
Assembly Angle 6002567E921L
Assembly Angle 6002567E921R

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