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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Induction Pipe, Mast SSN685-522-4390725 PIECE 1
Induction Pipe 6501-13
Rack And Cable Assembly E300620-12FT
Plate, Top 72643-65X4 PIECE 2
Cushion Set 016718
Pad, Mounting 055577
Disk 72643-65X4 PIECE 1
Cylinder, End 72643-65X4 PIECE 7
Piston Snorkel Mast 6501-14 ITEM 67
Lock 13219E4206
Friction, Plate 60735
Plate Assembly Top 501-4457338 ITEM 61
Transition Piece Assembly 501-4457338 ITEM 62
Indicator, Mast 501-4457338 ITEM 69
Guide, Mast Snorkel SSN685-522-4390725 PIECE 3
Manifold Arm, Mast SSN685-522-4390725 PIECE 42
Cylinder End Mast 501-4457338 ITEM 66
Panel, Console Instr 13226E0255
Piston Assembly, Pro F61F1380
Section, Fairing 77631-10X8 PIECE 2
Flame Arrester, Vent 87726-1305 ITEM F4
Scuttle, Marine 625
Amplifier, Solid State SA82-2837
Rudder And Stock 74 PIECE 37,39,59
Brace, Pushing Knee 13226E0172
Brace, Pushing Knee 13226E0276
Guide, Door, Top 1145-134-5
Guide Top, Door 1145-134-6
Guide, Bottom 1145-135-3
Guide, Bottom 1145-135-4
Quill, Mast Snorkel SSN685-522-4390725 PIECE 43
Bitt 1034B
Slat, Curtain 241305-S1
Hood, Curtain, Hanger 115-18-1
Plate 13213E5196
Paint Stand 5361574-C
Scupper 920056-101
Glass, Sight, Flat, Cl 1300117000
Connector, Thru, Hull W103352-1
Connector, Thru, Hull W103590
Box, Eyepiece 933H055421-2L1
Disk SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 1
Plate SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 2
Indicator SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 10
Absorber, Shock SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 39
Guard SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 42
Guard SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 43
Cap, Closure SSN671-501-2048373 PIECE 1
Deflector, Mast SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 3
Guide SSN671-501-2047524 PIECE 3
Cap, Closure SSN685-522-4390728 PIECE 1
Shoe SSN637-501-2143873 PIECE 7
Glass, Sight, Flat, Cl 1311940000 ITEM 9
Glass, Sight, Flat, Cl 1311940000 ITEM 48
Knee, Pushing Assy 13226E0170
Fender, Marine 13226E0275
Rack And Cable Asse 33044-9
Plate, Deck, Access DP-83-W
Strainer, Scoop 8560-5
Thr0ttle Assembly K 041489
Connector, Thru Hull 348-5
Cover, Ventilatory SSN637-501-2159958 PIECE 1
Shaft Log 071308-1
Housing, Lower 055460
Housing, Upper 933H055302
Drain, Breather 5210098
Roller, Side CB26-040001-16
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 11510321
Shaft Log 071309-9
Rudder-boat 330A-2IN
Bumper, Mast SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 16
Piston, Mast SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 8
Shock Absorber SSN671-501-2047524 PIECE 36,37
Stanchion, Handrail 5032775-513
Mast And Snorker 501-4457336
Mast, Snorkel 71643-65X1
Cylinder End, Mast SSN671-501-2047526 PIECE 7
Fairing, Mast SSN671-501-2047524 PIECE 2
Chock, Steel 520-4634418-15
Chock, Steel 520-4634418-13
Collimator P50004-1
Disk 6501-12 PCS 60,
Receiver, Fuel Fill COLN1A32
Grip, Sealing, Scrubb 5127
Fairing, Mast SSN678-501-4361593 PIECE 2
Tube Lower 055446-2
Chassis, Warning Control 055691
Roller, Deflection B162283-2
Piston SSN671-522-2047
Pad Eye 250-4642270-C01724A
Bracket, Retracting Sheave 4491159
Insert, Hull Fitting, Periscope 400-4674851ITEM16
Hoist Assembly 522-46781 ITEM 1SS
Ball, Boat Drain D7-1-14
Support, Arm 13207E4632
Pwr Unit Hydraulic PF37818-500
Power Unit Elhyd PF37818-503
Extension, 10 Inches 3988-G2
Power Unit Elhyd PF37818-502
Power Unit Elhyd PF37818-501

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