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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 06, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Screen, Protective 3-260-M2 ITEM 5
Sleeve, Mast SSN671-501-204752 PIECE 9
Strainer, Scoop 2535654 PIECE 5
Mast Bearing Frame 501-4457345 ITEM 1
Disconnect Assembly 4863839-0001
Gripper Tube 5001
Door 13207E3243
Stanchion, Handrail 13225E8248
Shock Absorber SSN685-522-4390727 PIECE 39
Shock Absorber SSN685-522-4390725 PIECE 36,37
Piston 6501-12PC67
Gripper Slug 5000
Stuffing Box M-3243
Cap, Closure SSN678-501-4361590 PIECE 1
Connector 857R-3IN
Door Panel Nest Assy 45073-PL-21-38
Rudder, Stop 501-5103114 ITEM 42
Rudder, Boat 501-5103114 ITEM 22 PORT
Rudder, Boat 501-5103114 ITEM 22 STB
Handle, Curtain Dog 2482-184-1
Dog, Catch 2482-191-1
Dogging Block 2482-193-1
Drain, Boathull 8561-3 1/2IN
Cable, Control 012193-9
Hood, Ventilator NAB4FT 7 1/2IN
Hood, Ventilator NAB4FT9IN
Hood, Ventilator NAD3FT2IN
Hood, Ventilator NAD4FT6IN
Hood, Ventilator NA3FT
Hood, Ventilator MODEL NB24-10FT
Hood, Ventilator NC3FT 3 1/2IN
Hood, Ventilator NC3FT6IN
Retainer AEA9617A
Insert ADH1797A
Retainer ADH1797D
Dogging Assembly 2482-190-1
Bracket D33590
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau 3-260-2 1/2 IN
Door, Breech 214318-2
Connector, Hull Insert 100-4642506ITEM6
Hood, Ventilator NA7FT
Stuffing Box And Bearing, Rudder 903685
Stuffing Box And Bearing, Rudder 00852681 PIECE 22
Shear Shaft 213931-1L1
Door, Breech 212848-2
Door, Breech 300057-1L1
Bracket 13219E4173
Strainer, Body Sedim 65-6
Stuffing Box C8-230 43-02-026
Screen, Reflector 9-3534-001
Left, Fixture Proph. 112158031
Fitting, Discharge 20383-003
Shear, Shaft And Housing 213894-1L1
Window CC-1049-3
Roller, Chock 1450130U
Stuffing Box And Bearing, Rudder M-3244
Tank Assembly, Signa 2270-30/ASSY99
Cleat, Rope COB 1500
Desurger Hydraulic 834440-905
Screen, Reflector 93533-001
Clinder Assembly 76633-15X1 ASSY 2 M0D
Connect, Kit T-handl A042683
Portlight, Lens S1203-860242 PIECE 5
Angle, Aft Stanchion 5032743-501
Accumulator, Assembl BRR20-118-SS
Fixture, Seal Bondin TA11-C
Drive Sprocket Asse D1155 ITEM 10
Connector, Thru-hull 5187801
Filler, Breather MF9380-3-LK-VM-N-56
Power Unit Assembly H475B001
Fender, Marine E30076 PIECE 3
Roller, Drive 1170542
Roller, Idler 1170552
Shaft 1170532
Paper, Lapper 07402-20020
Bar, Roller CB26-040001 PIECE 14
Roller, Cable RE-D102126-1
Stuffing Box And Bearing, Rudder SSN605-203-2013282 PIECE 2
Stuffing Box And Bearing, Rudder SSN605-203-2013282 PIECE 1
Ant, Window Assembly 934D056009
Hatch, Marine 13191600-2
Stop Assembly, Door 1154-19-2
Manifold Block M-149
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau L2320
Accumulator, Bladder 813135
Clamp 5190782
Stop Assembly, Door 1154-19-1/2
Stuffing Box, Main Shaft 630-1555 PIECE 2
Terminal, Ventilation Duct S5501-240193F242
Hatch, Marine 41UT1602-4-REVISION-B
Connector, Thru-hull C08D0051G01
Bracket, Support 328289
Operator, Manual, Remote 704-4788742-MG 52
Stopper Assembly, Chain 804-860000
Operator, Manual Remote 704-4645009
Rail, Leaning 600-4645108 PIECE 14
Window, Nonicing KS-24646 PIECE1
Graphite, Flat 2INX10IN GRAPHI
Stanchion Assy Aft 5032743-508
Stuffing Box SSN637-203-2144040 PCS 2AND12L1

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