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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Operator, Manual Remote 704-4645017-MG4
Rudder, Stock 562-5103225-4
Rudder, Assy 562-5103225-48
Guide, Rammer Chain CB26-040019-2
Guide, Rammer, Aft CB26-040008-1
Door, Metal, Marine 624D-2155-339
Dog Assebmly, Door 624D-2155-339 PART 2
Dog Assembly, Door 624D 2155-339 PART 3
Dog, Bar, Sliding 624D-2155-233 PART 3
Dog Bar, Sling 624D-2155-233 PART 7
Guide Block, Door 624D-2155-230 SH8 PART 8
Door 150-1378 ASSEMBLY 98
Door 150-1378 ASSEMBLY 97
Bag, Outer 5749377-001
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 701-4323643 PART 1
Suppressor, Spray 5749436-002
Actuator, Hydraulic 2653082
Actuator, Hydraulic 515-5795280
Actuator, Hydraulic T201.5-M
Cylinder, Ram Steering 820-0001
Hoist Drive Assembly AH-101-R-20-D4800
Insert, Trunk 4645209 ITEM 4
Trunk, Logistics 4645209 ITEM 7
Hood, Curtain, Hanger 1115-18-1
Torque Tube Assembl 248-5749597-003
Hatch, Watertight 805-1401890X805-1624073
Finger, Corner Segment 5749431-002
Dog, Master 122-2422327 PIECE 8
Dog, Master 122-2422327 PIECE 9
Dog, Linkage 122-2422327 PIECE 10
Dog, Linkage 122-2422327 PIECE 11
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 701-4323648
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 701-4401989
Damper, Vent SMC103ML39ITEM004
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-151
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-143
Fairing Section Sub 400-4775334 ITEM 1,2,3
Glass, Electric Heat KS-24484
Damper, Ventilation SMC103ML74ITEM03200
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-149
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-184
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-187
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-197
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-183
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-164
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2156-20
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-155
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-158
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2156-18
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-147
Support Fitting, Vane Pin 5749597-029
Fitting, Vane 248-5749597-051
Vane Assembly 5749597-001
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-144 ASSY 9
Hatch, Marine 13219E1161
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-195 ASSEMBLY 99
Operator Assembly, Watertight Doo 87542-1704 ITEM 1
Anchor, Marine, Fluked H3100
Damper, Vent SMC103ML39ITEM017
Damper, Vent SMC103ML39ITEM016
Damper, Vent SMC103ML39ITEM022
Damper, Vent SMC103ML39ITEM019
Damper, Vent SMC103ML39ITEM020
Panel, Control 209-4684922 ITE
Door, Breech SSN594-609-2127595 PIECE 1
Valve, Scupper 54-110F 2IN
Rudder, Marine 75B-2200-1AND2
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 90H
Support, Shaft C20035D007
Follower, Geneva C20035D013
Retainer, Bearing B20035D046
Cam, Barrel C20035D048
Damper, Toxic Gas 003-622448-6
Damper, Toxic Gas 15259 REVISI0N
Strut, Propeller Shaft 161-002-1
Fender, Marine 802007501
Door, Metal, Marine Structural FL1602CGY28E
Slat, Bottom Curtain C2482-47-1
Strut, Propeller Shaft 110WPB161-003
Ventilator, Deck 41UT1107-1-DETAIL-5C
Damper, Toxic Gas 005-627330-6
Stuffing Box And Bearing, Rudder SSN593-203-2567373 PIECE 2
Hull Casting And Stuffing Box, An 593-522-1862004
Transducer Assembly 060-2792-02
Stuffing Box And Bearing, Rudder SSN593-203-2567373 PIECE 1
Trunk And Insert Assembly 4645209 ITEM 1
Rudder, Marine 5409501
Plate, Retaining, Buo 13226E0480
Buoyancy Block 13226E0427-1
Buoyancy Block 13226E0431-1
Buoyancy Block 13226E0427-2
Buoyancy Block 13226E0428
Buoyancy Block 13226E0429
Buoyancy Block 13226E0433
Damper, Toxic Gas 15262 REVISI0N
Damper, Toxic Gas 006-627331-6
Dog Assembly, Door 624D-2155-353
Dog Bar, Sliding 624D-2155-350
Valve, Scupper 54-111F 3IN STL
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 701-4323646 PC1

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