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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Compensator, Bladder Assembly 516-5160390PC1
Window, Heated 592006675L1
Vent, Louvered 1488-1
Fender, Marine 15608
Hatch, Oval C41524-H
Davit Assembly 005732
Plane Assembly, Trim 309RSW
Power Unit Assembly V351HPU
Tab, Trim TPA30X9
Door Roller 404-2437634 IT 1
Hatch, Marine C4808
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 804-1642752
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 1642752 TYA-LH
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 09-6375 LINE ITEM 00001
Lock Assembly, Muzzle 88611509B1 ITEM 9
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 701-5589435
Emergency Stern Closure 122-5607220
Gland Follower, Spec H45746
Yoke, Coupling 13213E5261
Closing Plate, Anchor A-81309-06010-75 PC 6
Bracket Assembly, Ou 005725
Cover Assembly, Engi 005730
Dog Assembly, Door 624D-2155-233 ASSY 94
Dog Assembly, Door 624D-2155-233 ASSY 93
Door, Sliding 2155-341 PC 1
Shell Frame Assembly 800398 PC1
Line Reeving Device ST-RL203S
Fender, Marine 802010101X20FT
Induct Pipe And Fai 501-4457337 PARTS 1 AND 2
Rudder Stock 562-5844122-1
Lifting Padeye 6139078-36
Lifting Padeye 6139078-32
Gusset Plate 6138923
Chain Plate 6139076-69
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 2B047-S3116-40-041
Deck Closure Pontoon Dc6 6138923
Pontoon Angle Assembly 6138924
Fairing Assembly, Periscope 400-4457257 ASSEMBLY 99
Retainer Assembly 711-4863675 ITEM
Deck Closure Dc7-1 6138982-80
Deck Closure Pontoon Dc6-4 6138923
Deck Closure Pontoon Dc6-3 6138923-206
Deck Closure Pontoon Dc6-2 6138923
Deck Closure Pontoon Dc6-5 6138923-208
Door, Metal, Marine Structural D-WK-492-D
Horn, Special 054460
Ring Hose Support B15405-60
Ring Hose Support B15405-40
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 701-5589434 PC
Pad Eye 4645200-0055
Spool, Sonar DS46480-0001
Pad Eye 4645200-0084
Door, Metal, Marine Structural D-WK-492-A42
Door, Metal Hinged 122-4713668 PC 1
Shim Bracket, 1b1 6139001
Shim Bracket, 1b2 6139001-3
Plate, 1p1 6138986-1P1
Assembly, Angle 6138924-E1010
Deck Closure Pontoon Dc6-1 6138923-204
Assembly, Angle, Pontoon 6138924-E-1-011
Assembly, Angle, Pontoon 6138924-E1009
Shim Bracket 1b3 6139001
Breech And Locking 4676624-0001,4676625-0001L1
Dogging Assembly 701-4323731 ASS
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 2040-1564-85-13
Stave, Damping Assem 508-5589057 ITEM F-8
Towed Array System PL1223A0170-1
Towed Array System PL1223A0170
Log, Shaft 56TD-201-4802003ITEM47
Log, Shaft 45756-4
Mat, Rubber 65413-1
Flame Arrester, Ventilation-exhau 235908-001
Guillotine Flexor 6138928
Handle Assembly 1706-135 ASSEMBLY 93
Plate, Thrust, Water- D-WK-492-A42 ITEM 18
Dogging Assembly 2155-397 ASSY 98
Rod, Controlex, Water D-WK-361-31 PC01
Guide, Rail, Water-ti B-WK-329-G1
Plate, Roller Guide D-WK-492-A42 ITEM 12
Deck Closure Dc7-2 6139039-33
Dogging Assembly 2155-397 ASSY 99
Plate, Guide, Water T D-WK-492-A42 ITEM 17
Winch Skid Assembly 6138982 REV G FIND 20
Dogging Assembly 2155-397 ASSY 94
Dogging Assembly 2155-397 ASSY 93
Bow, Dome 1290-35
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 122-4712468 PC1
Deflector, Bow Corner 5750599-002
Deflector, Spray 5750598-002
Pad Eye 805-2580277PC11
Door Assembly Blow- AD33728-2
Boss, Swivel Arm 805-2213160PC20
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 122-2422411 PC 1
Power Unit, Hydrauli 203-980
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 122-2422411 PC 1
Stuffing Box 6002-348
Connector, Thru-hull RMCP2-30
Solvent Bag Subasse 4491242 ITEM 149
Solvent Bag Subasse 4491242 ITEM 150
Pump Assembly 4491242 ITEM 161

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