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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Hatch, Marine 5598607-69
Window, Marine CC-1507
Dogging Assembly 701-5901647 PC3
Trim Plane Assembly TPA36X12
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-401 PC1
Up-lock, Port Instal 526-5331438-19
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2156-52 PC1
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 701-5756178 PC5
Dogging Assembly 701-6776800 SH 6 PC 2
Dogging Assembly 701-5901632 PC3
Stop 526-5330493-3
Restraint, Lateral 526-5331438-9
Strut, Assembly, Aft 526-5331441-3
Strut, Assembly, Aft 526-5331441-4
Pod Installtions 526-4669203-11
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-375 PC1
Stuffing Box N13222M-7
Periscope 1879716
Catch, Right, Outboard 5599630-1
Catch, Left, Inboard 5599915-1
Catch, Left, Outboard 5599631-1
Catch, Right, Inboard 5599914-1
Knob Assembly, Stuffing Box 547C002647L1
Knob Assembly, Stuffing Box 547B002646L1
Stuffing Box Assembly 933C055083
Stuffing Box Assembly 566C004683L1
Stuffing Box, Stadimeter Rheostat 566B004749L1
Stuffing Box Assembly 566C004684L1
Head Assembly, Peris 039693L1
Head Coupling Assembly 933D055060
Potting Assy, Staunching Plate 887D050124L1
Wiring Harness, Branched 566C004974L1
Panel, Dns 5328336-9
Manifold, Power Unit H20088B001 ITEM 13
Plunger, Connecting Link 704-5940676 ITEM 6
Dog, Cam 122-2260011 PIECE 35
Seal, Forward, Stern 164600006-000
Interlock, Door 12111304-9
Potting Assembly, Ma 933D055056
Focusing Knob, Stuffing Box Assy 933C055107
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-11
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-63
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-62
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-61
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-60
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-59
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-58
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-57
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-52
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-48
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-25
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-24
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-23
Seal Assembly 745B2MT987N
Fairing Assembly 704-5940673 ASSY 98
Catch, Canister 5598505-1
Cover, Fairing 704-5940675 ASSY 98
Cover, Fairing 704-5940675 ASSY 97
Fairing Assembly 704-5940672 ASSY 97
Whistle, Special 131AC-2DV-231D
Plate, Cam EN DM44540 ITEM 25
Roller, Cam 87684-1508 ITEM 29
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 122-5486623 ITEM 001D4
Fairing Assembly, Periscope 4674854-0001B
Fairing Assembly, Periscope 4674865-0049TR
Rudder, Marine 155-1 1/2IN
Collar, Rudder 095056-8
Rudder, Marine 095062-6
Plate, Deck, Access 095055-0
Door, Roller Curtain 1483-1
Door, Roller Curtain 85-1423-D
Rudder, Marine 561-59676-25TBD
Rudder, Marine 561-5967876-1 PORT
Deck Closure Type 2 6139005-6
Plate, Deck, Access 532-3
Door, Roller Curtain 1000-145
Stuffing Box, Specia MV-61F-20-E PC 3
Fender, Marine 6139073-3
Fender, Marine 6139073-2
Deck Closure Type 3 6139005-7
Saddle Subassembly 6139005-4
Chock, Rope, Closed 6139002-23
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 83140-1
Catch, Center, Outboard 5599916-1
Fairing Cover And L 704-5858536 ASSY 97
Fairing Cover And L 704-5940674 ASSY 98
Dog Assembly 701-5008307 PIECE 14
Rudder, Marine 562-5748460-DET
Shaft Log 201-6234194 DETAIL 15D
Deck Closure Type 1 6139005-5
Deck Closure Type 4 6139005-8
Window, Marine KS-25673-C-45
Fairwater Aft Strut 430101 PC 92
Deck Closure Type 1m 6139005-9
Rudder, Marine 96ID TYPE19
Connector, Thru-hull TH-2000W
Cover, Fairing 1507-100 ASSY 98
Cleat, Rope 3166020
Cleat, Rope 3166026
Angle Dunnage Restraining 6139005-10

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