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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-430 P/N 1
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-427 P/N 1
Dog, Door, Marine 8100-1251-0310 PC NO 1
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 2155-428 P/N 1
Stanchion, Deck Railing 24-06207
Dog, Door, Marine 803-6397262 ASY B
Dog Handle 803-6397262
Sleeve, Dog Door 8100-1251-0310 PC NO 12
Chamber, Expansion 1010-025001
Cover, Hatch 12352483
Door Mount, Dog D-WK-802-08 PC 5
Ventilator, Air Circulating 26317 ITEM 1
Sleeve, Clamping 7-272-0103-710 PC-11
Fitting, Thru Hull 5105465 PC 235
Locking Mechanism PL 14811000 ITEM 37
Ventilator, Air Circulating JE-103B
Ventilator, Air Circulating JE-103B
Bushing, Shaft Log 12533
Plate, Deck, Access 7C1-5250
Windshield Marine As 150-6406771-AY99
Cleat, Rope 4051-SP
Hatch, Marine W-255
Spider, Hatch W-256PC17
Keeper, Hatch W-256PC4
Catch, Lift 5105462 PC. 27
Dog Wedge, Lh 805-1400051PC13
Thru-hull 8569 1 1/2 IN
Window, Marine KS-28164 ITEM5
Window, Marine KS-28165 ITEM6
Window, Marine KS-28165 ITEM7
Dog Assembly, Hatch H-WK-802-01-PC 7
Cable Puller Assembly, Hydraulic C1630-20 FEET
Cable Puller Assembly, Hydraulic C1630-10 FEET
Cable Puller Assembly, Hydraulic C1630-25 FEET
Door, Metal, Marine Structural G-458
Hatch, Marine 6688440-027
Hinge, Pad 3055-22
Hatch, Marine 43533
Hatch, Marine 43933
Fender, Marine SG32X56-2513
Cleat, Rope 5617
Cleat, Rope 5616
Window, Marine 80-12171-001
Spudwell Pile Pin 6139001-6
Window, Marine 5750022-060
Ventilator, Air Circulating 6097254
Dog Wedge Lh 167-7044218-15
Handle Outside 803-6397269 PC 121
Handle Inside 803-6397269 PC 114LH
Link Pad 167-7044216-106
Dog Assembly 167-7044215-84
Link Connection 167-7044215-25
Hing Connection Link 167-7044215-27
Handle Assembly K 167-7044216-ASSY K
Hinge, Connection Link 167-7044216-11
Connection Link Lh 167-7044216-14
Rod, Top Connection 167-7044215-54
Lever, Dog 167-7044215-57
Lever, Dog 167-7044216-58
Dog Assembly A 167-7044215-83
Dog Wedge Rh 167-7044218-14
Dog Spindle 803-6397269 PC 95
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 5361663 ITEM 199
Toggle Link 167-7044215-61
Hinge York 167-7044218-26
Plate Scuff 167-7044216-115
Plate Tapped 803-6397269 PC 145
Bell Crank, Dog 167-7044215-60
Hinge Assy O 167-7044216-ASSY O
Hinge Assy M 167-7044216-ASSY M
Door Wtqa Al 167-7044215 ASSY 2
Door Vswt 2nd Pl Pt 122-6077711-1 13'-7"X6'-3",",","3
Fender, Marine SC-02272
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-7044216-ASSY N
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-7044216-ASSY P
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 167-7044217 ASSY 17
Dog, Door, Marine 167-7044217-23
Cable Puller Assembly, Hydraulic C1630-12
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-7044217-28B
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-7044217-28A
Dog, Door, Marine 167-7044217-24
Toggle Link 167-7044216-57
Door Mtqa Al 167-7044215 ASSY 3
Connection Link Lh 167-7044216-16
Handle Assy L 167-7044216-ASSY L
Connection Link Hng 167-7044216-10
Connection Rod Top 167-7044215-56
Connection Link Hng 167-7044216-12
Anchor, Marine, Fluked FX-37
Anchor, Marine, Fluked G-7
Dog, Door, Marine 7D3-05609
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 7D3-05609
Dog, Door, Marine 7D3-05609
Dog, Door, Marine 7D3-05609
Dog, Door, Marine 7D3-05609
Arm, Hing 7D3-05609
Fender, Marine SD-02420
Dog, Door, Marine 7D3-05609
Dog, Door, Marine 7D3-05609
Dog, Door, Marine 7D3-05609

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