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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 08, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 805-1630161 PC5
Window, Marine KS-27918 GLASS
Cover, Hatch 1554027
Dog Assembly, Hatch CPS-443-0058 IT
Dog Assembly, Hatch CPS-443-0058 IT37
Dog Assembly, Hatch 1554030
Dog Assembly, Hatch 1554030
Hatch, Operating Mechanism 1554030
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 1554030
Ball, Boat Drain 835005PLB
Door, Metal, Marine Structural B-314903 OFN-00
Hatch, Marine 124-1553907 ASSY 98
Scuttle, Marine 124-1553935
Scuttle, Marine 124-1553935
Hatch, Marine 124-1997852 ASSY 98
Hatch, Marine 124-1897679 ASSY 95
Sea Anchor 60987-101
Hatch, Operating Mec CVAN65-701-1554030 ASSY 79
Strip Assembly 83-22585
Strip Assembly 83-22507
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-6926161 PC140S
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-6926161 PC141T
Conn Rod Top 167-6926161 PC86
Conn Rod Lh 167-6926161 PC59
Handle, Door 167-6926161 PC132
Handle, Door 167-6926161 PC131
Handle, Door 167-6926161 PC129H
Hatch, Marine CVAN65-701-1554026 ASSY 95
Seal Assembly, Shaft US73380-01
Diaphragm Housing A US73380-01
Diaphragm Assembly, US73380-01
End Cap Assembly US73380-1
Wedge, Gate Valve 7517-5-Y-B
Rudder Feedback Uni 9112A1150-1
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 805-1400074 ASSY445 VM
Hatch, Marine 124-1900007 ASSY 96
Dog Assembly, Hatch CPS-443-0060 IT37
Handle, Dog CPS-443-0060 IT38
Cable Puller Assembly, Hydraulic 37U4124
Rod, Connector Cente CPS-443-0060
Seal Assembly, Shaft Log, Ship N-999-65GC-A-001 PC. NO. 26
Rod, Connector Upper CPS-443-0060 IT58
Link Connection 701-1898699 ASSY 90
Rod, Connector Cente CPS-443-0060 IT57
Thru Dog Assembly CVAN65-701-1898699
Door, Metal, Marine Structural CPS-443-0051 74-7826
Rod, Connector Lower CPS-443-0060
Hatch, Marine CVAN65124-1897860
Hatch, Marine CVAN65-701-1899323
Toggle Link Lh 6397269
Dog Assembly D 167-6926161 PC125
Hatch, Marine CVAN65-701-1899323
Hatch Assembly CVAN65-701-1899116
Handle, Operating 167-6926161 PC137
Door, Metal, Marine Structural CPS-443-0051 74-7825
Door, Metal, Marine Structural CPS-443-0050 74-7881
Rod, Connector Botto CPS-443-0060
Rod, Connector Top CPS-443-0060
Dog, Connector Top CPS-443-0060
Lever, Oper.handle 167-6926161
Dog Assembly, Hatch 1898699 ASSEMBLY 80
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 1899116 ASSEMBLY 85
Connecting Rod 6397269
Connecting Rod 6397269
Connecting Rod 6397269
Rod, Connector Side CPS-443-0060
Rod, Connector Botto CPS-443-0060
Dog Assembly, Hatch CPS-443-0060 ASSY D-1
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-6926161
Handle, Door 167-6926161 PC136
Dog, Door, Marine 167-6926161
Stud, Handle, Door 167-6926161 PC114
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 803-6397268ASSY13 LH LOW HINGE
Dog, Door, Marine 803-6397268 PC125
Handle, Door 6397268
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 803-6397268 ASSY14 RH HIGH HINGE
Dog, Door, Marine 803-6397268 PC124
Handle, Door 803-6397268 PC132
Air Scoop, Portlight 74A831012-1011
Anchor, Marine, Mushroom 75MA
Seat, Split US71435 ITEM NO H71435-7-1
Compression Tool As US71435 ITEM NO H71435-CT
Scuttle, Marine B-314902 OFN.003-1
Door, Metal, Marine Structural P0000192-9086
Wedge, Dog, Marine 6267494
Truck-carrier, Door 6267494
Dog, Door, Marine 124-1998732 PART NO. 20
Scuttle, Marine 1553933
Scuttle, Marine 1553933
Wedge, Dog, Marine 1553930
Scuttle, Marine 1553933
Scuttle, Marine 1553933
Conn Rod Rh Hng Sd 6926191
Dog, Door, Marine 123-6267494
Scuttle, Marine 1401891
Conn Rod Rh Hnd Sd 803-6397269 PC 44 ZINC PLATED
Scuttle, Marine LH5167615 ASSY 1
Hatch, Marine 124-1998732 ASSY 97
Hatch, Marine 152-1155
Door, Metal, Marine Structural P0000192-9088

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