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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 03, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Collar, Hatch Cover 703-1554029 P/N 59
Dog, Door, Marine 701-5941244 ASS
Dog, Door, Marine 2155-150 P/N 39
Dog, Door, Marine 701-5941244 ASSY 81
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural LH5167617 PC152
Dog, Door, Marine 701-6938581 PC 7
Dog, Door, Marine 701-5941244 ASSY 79
Hatch, Marine 167-5106739 SHEET 10 PL 1
Stern Tube Carrier H72252-4-1
Packaging Follower H72252-8
Packaging Follower US72252-8-1
Carrier Assy, Stn Tu US72252-4
Breakdown Joint Seg 5749385-006
Assembly, Grapple 7041000506
Backing Spring Assy H72252-3-4
Support Spring Assy H72252-3-1
Seat Assy, Strn Tube US72252-6
Drive Clamp Ring As H72252-7
Main Clamp Ring Asy H72252-2
Bridging Spring Asy H72252-3-3
Main Clamp Ring H72252-2-1
Drive Clamp Ring H72252-7-1
Ring, Adaptor St Se H72252-1-6
Seat, Stern Tube Se US72252-6-1
Guard, Stern Tube Se US72252-4-5
Face, Stern Tube Se US72252-5-1
Seat Dowel, Stn Tube H72252-6-3
Interlayer, Stn Tube H72252-3-2
Hatch, Marine 1624093
Ring, Support St H72252-1-5
Face Assy, Strn Tube US72252-5
Compress Tool Assy H72252CT
Seat, Seal Stern US73707-01 ITEM 7
Guard Assy, Seal Ste US73707-01 ITEM 6
Carrier Assy, Seal S US73707-01 ITEM 4
Stanchion, Deck Railing 6304314 FIND NO. 8
Carrier Assy, Seal H73605-02-4
Cleat, Rope 70-06
Chute, Ladder Assemb 805-1749080
Cover, Hatch 703-1554055 ASSY 98
Hatch, Marine 2018A
Hatch, Marine 2070A
Cleat, Rope 6304330 FIND 3
Fender, Marine 126995
Seal Assembly, Shaft Log, Ship SSCY13251
Dog, Door, Marine CC-4052
Dog, Door, Marine 701-2484744 P/N 01
Machinery Package PL1557 REV A FIND NO 2
Dog, Door, Marine 701-2484744 P/N 04
Dog, Door, Marine 701-2484744 P/N 02
Dog, Door, Marine 701-2484744 P/N 03
Deflector, Bow Corne 5750599B-004
Deflector, Book End 5749441-003
Lifeline Assembly 126679
Ventilator, Air Circulating 104-N 38 X 30 X
Guide Block, Door 701-5941244 ASSY 98
Guide Block, Door 701-6968567 PC 9
Rowlock 1550.00902
Oar 1790.12409
Window, Marine CC-565
Window, Marine CC-564
Dog Assembly, Hatch 4322688
Fender, Marine 1570.01932
Ball, Boat Drain 1560.30102
Cover, Hatch 2424-0003 ITEM 1
Angle Assembly 7-511113203-139
Catch Assembly, Mari 805-1624072PC79
Frame, Deck Ring 2424-0003 ITEM 2
Handle, Door 2424-0003 ITEM 4
Toggle Arm, Dog Assembly, Hatch 2424-0003 ITEM 5
Activator, Hatch 2424-0003 ITEM 6
Hub, Hatch 2424-0003 ITEM 7
Button, Cam 2424-0003 ITEM 8
Handle, Door 2424-0003 ITEM 15
Hatch, Marine 2464-0003
Plate Hook 7-211112061-3
Hook, Boat 1790.07239
Connector, Thru-hull 322-DP5-PLB
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 803-6397261 ASSY 30 EXT RH
Door, Elevator, Ammunition 701-2484749 PC NO 8
Seal Assembly, Shaft Log, Ship US73983-01
Seal Assembly, Shaft Log, Ship US73953-01 REV. B
Bellows Assy US73953-01 IT H73953-01-03
Hatch, Marine CVAN65-701-1554039 P/N 9
Dog Assembly, Hatch 124-2266895 ASSY 86
Door, Elevator, Ammunition 124-2266905 P/N 09
Door, Elevator, Ammunition 124-2266895 P/N 38
Deck Cleats 1030063
Cutwater G5-9234-25
Deck Tie Down 10075009
Scupper Cockpit G5-9123-00
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 15662093-1
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 15662093-2
Fender, Marine 126996
Ventilator, Air Circulating NAC-22
Scuttle, Marine 403-5
Shaft, Rudder 562-6798313
Shaft, Canard 562-6798315 ITEM 22
Rudder, Marine 562-6798399 RUDDER
Canard, Marine 562-6798399 CANARD

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