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Marine Hardware And Hull Items - FSC 2040

Anchors; Grapnels; Sea Anchors; Watertight Doors; Ship Ventilators; Hatches; Manholes; Scuttles; Air Ports; Fenders; Sea Chests; Scuppers; Rudders; Stern Tubes; Chain Pipes; Hawse Pipes; Boiler Uptakes And Stacks; Chocks; Mast And Boom Fittings; Oars; Paddles; Oarlocks.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Crosswire Fixture C608-43
Window, Marine 8100-1251-0192
Rising Sheave Assy Mmc 573-009
Repair Kit, Stopper MDL573009KIT
Toggle Arm, Dog Assembly, Hatch 805-1624130 REV E PC 6
Modification Kit, Marine Hardware WMP730R-9
Lifeline Assembly 6304314 FIND NO.2
Bushing, Shaft Log H832-1664-85
Bushing, Shaft Log H832-1664-105
Hinge Assembly, Marine Structural 167-7066805-121
Window, Marine 8100-1251-0308 PC NO 308
Bushing, Shaft Log 12101
Bushing, Shaft Log 12101
Window, Marine 8100-1251-0308 ASSY OO
Handle Unit, Door 8100-1251-0307 PC NO 139
Handle Unit, Door 8100-1251-0307 PC NO 133A
Handle Unit, Door 8100-1251-0307 PC NO 132A
Linkage Assembly H861-1503-A7
Arm, Hatch H861-1503-7
Drain, Automatic, Boat WMP730R REV A
Block, Gagging 721-7286700
Bow Strap WMP730R REV A
Transom Strap WMP730R REV A
Roller, Elevator 6817720
Roller, Elevator 122-6817720 PC 45
Dog Assembly, Hatch 721-7286700-A1
Dog Assembly, Hatch H861-1503-A2
Dog Assembly, Hatch H861-1503-A3
Dog Assembly, Hatch H861-1503-A6
Upper Linkage Assy H861-1503-A4
Dog Assembly, Hatch H861-1503-A5
Stanchion, Deck Railing 6304330
Base Assy, Linkage H861-1506-A2
Bar, T-lock H861-1506-1
Base, Linkage T-lock H861-1506-20
Hatch Lock Assy H861-1506-A1
Cleat, Rope 66010-3
Ventilator, Air Circulating 331340
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 167-7066804-A1
Seal Assembly, Shaft Log, Ship US71716
Door, Roller Curtain CD10-2
Bushing, Shaft Log 281346
Linkage Assy, Lower H861-1503-A9
Linkage Assy, Lower H861-1503-A10
Linkage Assy, Lower H861-1503-A11
Linkage Assy, Lower H861-1503-A12
Cylinder Hoist Assy 7377709
Linkage Assy, Lower H861-1501-8
Dog, Door, Marine 122-5589566
Cover, Hatch 721-7070233
Link, Hatch, Ballisti 122-6600338PC17
Retainer, Sleeve, Ballistic Hatche 6776279
Adapter, Hatch Ballistic 6776279
Rudder Stock Assembly 901WMEC-562-004
Plate, Deck, Access PTL8B
Plate, Deck, Access 1054
Cylinder Assembly, Reaction NSE1000M 150AL
Basket, Fender 13MPE-101-012,PC.12
Handle, Deck 13MPE-101-014,PC.26
Dog, Door, Marine 8100-1256-0262
Clevis, Steering, Mar 13MPE-201-015,PC.22
Collar, Rudder 13MPE-201-015,PC.27
Hook, Cabin Door 13MPE-101-013,PC.13
Plate, Deck, Fuel Fill 13MPE-501-017,PC.121
Dog, Door, Marine 8100-1256-0262
Wear Plate, Door, Marine 122-6776279 PC 25
Roller, Hatch Ballis 122-5588687 PC
Modification Kit, Marine Hardware 56070-2
Liner, Hatch Assy 167-7066804-140
Wedge, Hatch Assy 167-7066804-139
Cradle, Stowage 123048
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 139CN-RH
Door, Metal, Marine Structural 139CN-LEFT HAND
Spring Guide, Hatch 167-7066804-24
Fairing, Periscope, Submarine H861-1701-1
Blade, Hinge 122-5589566
Cover, Ventilatory A3177521
Dog, Door, Marine 124-4322608
Dog, Door, Marine 124-4322608
Dog, Door, Marine 124-4322608
Dog, Door, Marine 124-4322608
Wear Plate, Door, Marine 122-6776279 PC 4
Cover, Hatch 721-7068583-5
Cover, Hatch 721-7068583-8
Cover, Hatch H861-1701-12
Cover, Hatch 721-7068583-3
Anchor, Marine, Fluked 35H
Ring, Locking 167-7066804-81
Ventilator, Air Circulating 1877902-801 ITEM NO. 029
Ventilator, Air Circulating NAD-54 9FT
Lifeline Assembly 126678
Lifeline Assembly 126676
Lifeline Assembly 126680
Fender Lifeline Assembly 126941
Fender Lifeline Assembly 126608
Fender Lifeline Assembly 126940
Vertical Lifeline Assembly 126691
Vertical Lifeline Assembly 126692
Vertical Lifeline Assembly 126693
Vertical Lifeline Assembly 126694

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