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Locomotive And Rail Car Accessories And Components - FSC 2240

Brake Beams And Components; Couplers; Trucks And Components; Journals And Components; Wheel Sets And Components.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Valve, Air Brake 569486
Air Duct, Traction M 8020225
Arm, Side M8112-31
Brace, Diagonal M8108-13
Striking, Drawbar 1504
Plate M8112-8
Plate M8112-8
Yoke, Railway Car 47416A
Coupler, Railway Car 02E7327
Wedge, Railway Journal Bearing 1161171
Brake Shoe, Railway Car G4603C
Blade, Wiper 27-8-1347
Valve, Valve, Brake 94964
Valve, Discharge 578773
Valve, Brake 84192
Valve, Valve, Brake EV2700
Pocket, Coupler 113X5
Plunger, Lock 338
Wedge, Railway Journal Bearing B4772MCB60
Journal Box, Railway 4756412
Wedge, Railway Journal Bearing C17A2
Governor Assembly 85270-N5-16
Brake Shoe, Railway Car G3672A-12
Cup, Packing, Brake, Air YT277S4105-574823PC5
Rod, Fork FCA6412
Lock, Pin, Valve Spring 97378
Cylinder Assembly, Brake 87919
Seat, Spring, Feed Va Y1016A3PC12
Follower, Feed Valve Y1016A3PC10
Coupling Assembly, Engine C99E14
Valve, Brake EV705
Valve Assembly, Vacuum 70595
Valve, Brake N1355
Bushing Assembly 80666
Retainer, Packing, Valve EV3265
Bar 6720523P1
Shaft Assembly, Fan C99H45
Diaphragm, Foot Valve 509471
Valve, Valve, Brake 12514
Dog, Brake Valve EV3962
Valve, Valve, Brake 1735
Head, Brake Shoe, Railway 196541
Valve, Emergency, Relay 87849
Ring, Piston MC126
Wedge, Railway Journal Bearing A48300P
Diaphragm, Valve Brake 75695
Valve With Piston EV3861
Collector, Dirt 75751
Protector, Vent CV249
Reservoir St CV198
Draft Gear Assembly A22XB
Diaphragm, Valve, Brake 70623
Valve, Control 70616
Strainer Assembly BC8400
Valve, Valve, Brake 28956
Intercooler, Compressor 3ADS598
Plunger, Unloader, Compressor ACS467
Piston, Equalizing PT353
Hub, Ring Gear FCA6411
Fork, Clutch FA43
Step, Foot Lever A6414
Rod, Fork, Front 9G478
Rod, Fork, Rear 9G479
Ring Gear, Shaft 9G274
Axle, Roller A4492
Roller A4493
Sleeve, Rod A8422
Brake Shoe, Railway Car 23020
Cylinder, Brake 523554
Lever Connection, Railway Brake A9823
Shifter, Clutch A9873
Bell Crank, Rod B3182X1
Pocket, Coupler 4757719
Bell Crank, Shifter B5467X1
Lever Assembly, Foot B7004
Lever, Foot B7005
Wheel Set, Railway 6739510G9
Bracket, Clutch T1123493-2
Wedge, Railway Journal Bearing 136X93
Interlock 17AF14H2
Wheel, Railway 6732754P3
Key, Railway Car Brake Shoe 50095616
Wheel, Railway AAR-CJ-33
Axle, Railway 6730235P1
Journal, Side Arm S8112-6
Pin, Center S8106-9
Lug, Drawbar M8112-10
Hanger, Brake Beam S8112-11
Bed, Cross Brace F475
Hand Hold And Ladde S8104-8
Piston Assembly, Valve EV29690
Brake Shoe, Railway Car 12010214
Bell, Signal 6731022P1
Valve, Brake 83897
Plate, Wearing 4741884G2
Strap, Lock, Guide Pin 4741544P15
Lever, Valve, Brake 94868
Liner, Frame Pedestal C41V1
Sleeve, Union, Tubing 71543
Swab, Lubricator 19-9-2898

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