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Combat, Assault, And Tactical Vehicles, Tracked - FSC 2350

Tanks And Tracked Self-propelled Weapons And Vehicles With Or Without Amphibian Capabilities; Armored Halftracks; Self-propelled Sleds; And Self-propelled Flame Throwers.
Last Modified: Feb 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 8736916
Carrier, Command Post M577A1
Carrier, 81 Millimeter Mortar M125A1
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 10941625
Carrier, 107 Millimeter Mortar 8736578
Carrier, Cargo XM548
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M60A1A
Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked M88E1
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne M551A1
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M60A1E3
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M48A1
Rifle, Selfpropelled 8358960
Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked SK258941
Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked 509066
Remote Magnetic Heading System 4008338-921
Landing Vehicle, Tracked 2584000
Carrier, Cargo, Amphibious 8736335
Gun, Field Artillery, Self-propell M107
Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked 8736340
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 8736338
Howitzer, Light, Self-propelled 8736371
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 8736372
Landing Vehicle, Tracked LVTC7
Landing Vehicle, Tracked 2624000
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 8449200
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled M44A1
Howitzer, Light, Self-propelled 8736128
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8736758
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 8750300
Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked M88
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M48A2C
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 7351725
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 7364202
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 7386846
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M103
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M60E1
Combat Engineer Vehicle, Full Tra 8736334
Gun, Air Defense Artillery, Self-p 7968000
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M103A1E1
Tractor, Full Tracked, Armored Doz TA13211E8600
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 8340039
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8358000
Howitzer, Light, Self-propelled 8358067
Howitzer, Light, Self-propelled 8358150
Gun, Air Defense Artillery, Self-p 8358172
Carrier, Cargo, Amphibious M29C
Carrier, Cargo M29
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8358619
Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked 8358646
Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked 8358713
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 8385000
Carrier, Command Post 8736419
Carrier, 107 Millimeter Mortar 8736328
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 8736408
Carrier, Utility, Articulated 8736409
Carrier, Cargo ST4
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M67A2
Carrier, Cargo MP2320-110
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750113
Carrier, Cargo 602
Carrier, Cargo RN75
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked XM68
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 8736562
Carrier, Cargo 601
Carrier, Flame Thrower 8736431
Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amp XM733
Gun, Air Defense Artillery, Self-p 8430371
Carrier, Cargo, Over Snow A-08370
Carrier, Ambulance 4180060
Carrier, 120 Millimeter Mortor 4180061
Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked 4180064
Carrier, Cargo 4180062
Carrier, Command Post 4180051
Carrier, Command Post 4180054
Carrier, Command Post 4180058
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked PRI/I
Carrier, Command Post 4180052
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 12012100
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 12012200
Carrier, Cargo 1404IMP5
Carrier, Cargo MIL-C-26339
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 8736973
Combat Vehicle Itv, M901 XM901
Armor Strip, Center 4189240
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne XM21FV
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne XM3CFV
Carrier, Cargo 322770044
Carrier, Cargo GT-1000SCAB
Carrier, Cargo GT-1000S
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750017
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M48A5LOW PROFILECUROLA
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750019
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750014
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked M113A2
Carrier, 81 Millimeter Mortar M125A2
Carrier, Command Post M577A2
Carrier, 107 Millimeter Mortar M106A2
Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amp 2618000
Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amp 2617000
Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amp AAVP7A1

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