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Combat, Assault, And Tactical Vehicles, Tracked - FSC 2350

Tanks And Tracked Self-propelled Weapons And Vehicles With Or Without Amphibian Capabilities; Armored Halftracks; Self-propelled Sleds; And Self-propelled Flame Throwers.
Last Modified: Oct 19, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked XM981
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750015
Carrier, Cargo 8750012
Snowmobile, L MA1193
Carrier, Cargo MA1095
Snow, Vehicle Tracke ACVCMA1096
Car, Flat Bed ACVCMA1128
Sled, Self-propelled ACVCMA1075
Carrier, Cargo XM993
Carrier, Cargo M548A1
Carrier, Air Defense Missile Syst 8750009
Carrier, Air-antitank Defense Mis 8750063
Snow, Vehicle, Tracked ACVCMA1253
Snow, Vehicle, Tracked ACVCMA1254
Window, Door 11633459-1
Window, Door 11633459-2
Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked 8750062
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked M48A5E1
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 8750066
Vehicle, Command 4208415
Panel, Instrument, Module 2600580
Carrier, Cargo 8750085
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750080
Carrier, Cargo ACVCMA1327
Tank, Training, M60 8750089
Traverse Mechanism 11665414
Sleeve, Counterbalan J05791-00-0000T010
Sleeve, Counterbalan 4241D
Pump GR1070
Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked 8750130
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne M2A1
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne M3A1
Sleeve 5006-D
Sleeve 5007-D
Panel, Instrument, Module 5429249
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 8750140
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 8750141
Carrier, Smoke Generator 8750136
Tank, Mine Clearing, Full Tracked 8750171
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 8750170
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 8750175
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 8750176
Dual Vision Sight A 11737690
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 9399100
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 12940800
Carrier, Cargo 1537539-801
Carrier, Cargo 90196-991
Carrier, Command Post 90229-991
Carrier, Ambulance 1537540-801
Mounting Kit, Armor 9399267
Howitzer, Medium, Self-propelled 12553195
Insulating Blanket, Thermal 11636418
Carrier, Electronic 4220501
Sled, Self-propelled MIL-S-62352
Carrier, Air Defense Missile Syst 422570
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750231
Carrier, Cargo Z101705
Carrier, 120 Millimeter Mortar 8750248
Chassis, Weapon, Full Tracked 12361404
Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked 8750259
Carrier, Command Post 8750249
Sled, Self-propelled 0922064
Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked 8750264
Carrier, Command Post 8750292
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750263
Carrier, Cargo 8750289
Carrier, 120 Millimeter Mortar 8750287
Carrier, Smoke Generator 8750290
Carrier, Command Post 8750286
Carrier, Command Post 8750288
Armored Gun System 8750256
Enhanced Applique Armor Kit 6669366-1
Modification Kit, Vehicle, Tracked 13029712-200
Carrier, Command And Reconnaissan 11629122-1
Carrier, Command And Reconnaissan 11629121-1
Recovery Vehicle, Full Tracked 12364500
Kit, Combat Identifi PE-3842-1
Kit, Combat Identifi PE-3842-2
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 8750330
Kit, Combat Identifi PE-3843-1
Kit, Combat Identifi PE-3843-2
Kit, Combat Identifi PE-3845-2
Kit, Combat Identifi PE-3845-1
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031818-2
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031819-1
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031818-1
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031819-2
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031817-1
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031817-2
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031820-2
Kit, Combat Identifi 2031820-1
Kit, Combat Identifi M864-2
Kit, Combat Identifi M864-1
Kit, Combat Identifi M861-2
Kit, Combat Identifi M861-1
Kit, Combat Identifi M863-1
Kit, Combat Identifi M863-2
Kit, Combat Identifi M862-1
Kit, Combat Identifi M862-2
Kit, Combat Identifi M865-1

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