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Combat, Assault, And Tactical Vehicles, Tracked - FSC 2350

Tanks And Tracked Self-propelled Weapons And Vehicles With Or Without Amphibian Capabilities; Armored Halftracks; Self-propelled Sleds; And Self-propelled Flame Throwers.
Last Modified: Dec 16, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Kit, Combat Identifi M865-2
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 87T0004
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 87T0005
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 12408400
Kit, Combat Identifi M971-2
Kit, Combat Identifi M971-1
Strip, Cloaking, Right 12902739
Strip, Cloaking, Left 12902740
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 87T0023
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 87T0010
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 87T0011
Breacher, Complex Obstacle, Full T CMV00500
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 87T0028
Cab Weldment 12012104
Knight, M707 12470500
Combat Vehicle, Mechanized Infant 12466539
Carrier, Cargo 87T0078
Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amp 7010048
Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amp 7010050
Assault Vehicle, Full Tracked, Amp 7010049
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 87T0081
Tank, Combat, Full Tracked 12437600
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 87T0082
Carrier, Full Tracke 87T0086
Sled, Self-propelled S00SU4BS
Combat Vehicle, Mechanized Infant 31821026-9
Combat Vehicle, Mechanized Infant AM8300B
Tank, Remote Mine Cl ABRAMS PANTHER
Sled, Self-propelled VK540ED
Sled, Self-propelled LX2001
Fighting, Vehicle, M2 87T0100
Chassis, Weapon, Full Tracked 12344600
Chassis, Weapon, Full Tracked 12387285
Chassis, Weapon, Full Tracked 12280500
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle C AVC010000
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle P AV2010000
Armored Reconnaissance-airborne 12466201
Lever, Yoke 10911433
Interim Fast Attack Vehicle A1/2 1LTM7-270CDI
Carrier, Cargo 12484440
Assault Breacher Ve 12304661-2
Carrier, Personnel, Full Tracked 163811
Knight With Fs3 12491550
Battle Command Vehi 4264900

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