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Vehicular Power Transmission Components - FSC 2520

Transfer Transmission Assemblies; Clutch Assemblies; Universal Joints; Propeller Shafts; Automotive Torque Converters; Power Takeoffs.
Last Modified: May 24, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Clutch Assembly, Veh 1150378C92
Clutch Assembly, Veh 1150384C91
Transmission Assemb 4210628
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 641294C1
Differential And Drive Assembly, A13200B990
Shaft And Housing Assembly X227727A
Housing, Transfer Ca 63800DX
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 1319420U
Socket, Support, Deflector 2600138
Differential Carrie 4115813
Spider, Universal Joint, Vehicular CP85WB62
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 10-10-000-017
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 283643
Torque Converter, Vehicular 2600146
Chain M0303
Shaft 5168687
Universal Joint, Vehicular D81402
Shaft Assembly, Tran X227720A
Sleeve, Oil Seal 4-34165
Transmission, Mechanical, Vehicula 4039531
Block, Transmission 83073C
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 4031974
Shifter Fork, Vehicular 78934
Dif Oil Pressure 025-10440
Catout High Pressur 025-10441
Catout Low Pressure 025-10442-000
Retainer, Clutch 693622
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 62090010
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 62100010
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 62110010
Kit 6758139
Kit 6754804
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 3202-X-7434
Yoke M012-1
Band M026
Band 32-223
Segment, Sprocket Ri 3S9201
Tip, Rock Bucket 6K7229
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 3202-Z-7436
Plate 70642061
Plate 70642147
Duct, Oil Cooler, Fan 12273843
Duct, Oil Cooler, Fan 12273846
Drive Shaft Assembly, Constant Ve 12308438-2
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 12273829-1
Propeller Shaft 12273829-2
Clutch Assembly XTDCL211-34257
Plate, Magnetic MB242A-20196
Parts Kit, Driving Axle Different MA129-21081
Universal Joint, Vehicular 501-4675794
Double Joint Assy 11967P1
Pressure Plate Assembly, Clutch 793634C91
Spider 127057H1
Disc 1-793635C91
Disc Clutch 793636
Holder 1665577C1
Rod 422079C1
Joint 967550
Transmission And Co 5703825
Flywheel, Torque Converter 23016995
Interlock Cylinder, Transfer Tran A1-3261-D-290
Parts Kit, Oil Pan 23012502
Collar And Gear Ass A3107-B-28X
Adapter Assembly, Qu 2520011341843
Parts Kit, Universal Joint 20038
Worm And Valve Asse HFB523001-A1
Cover, Transfer Case A-3266-Y-623
Cap, Dust, Propeller Shaft DCL6N-3
Transmission And Container 2600091
Support, Assembly, Tr 23015872
Pressure Plate Assembly, Clutch 140-61-1686
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 1015Z1499
Lock, Pushrod 2244-D-30X
Transmission, Mechanical, Vehicula 286760
Plate, Pressure 1015Z1498
Synchronizer, High A A-3107-M-39X
Drive Assembly C7NN12051A
Shaft 15944-07
Axle Assembly, Diffe 2003104
Transmission, Mechanical, Vehicula 4130953
Transmission, Mechanical, Vehicula 4185541
Piston, Slave Assembly 706270
Cover, Transmission 16224
Transfer Case 4219099
Piston, Clutch Shaft Assembly 456707
Valve, Air Brake WM326A
Clutch Assembly, Friction 8391681
Clutch Assembly, No J-16116-200
Housing, Relay Valve 11629748
Universal Joint, Vehicular 4823074
Transmission Assy 60693
Differential Assemb 104597
Differential Assemb 1KS562
Shifter Fork, Vehicular 3296-C-107X
Fork, Front Declutch 3296-V-74X
Shaft, Declutch 2244-Y-25X
Breather ASPIBV
Shaft Assy C2801-1
Shaft Assy C2802-3
Shaft Assy C2806-16

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