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Vehicular Power Transmission Components - FSC 2520

Transfer Transmission Assemblies; Clutch Assemblies; Universal Joints; Propeller Shafts; Automotive Torque Converters; Power Takeoffs.
Last Modified: Jun 18, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Valve Assembly, Transmission 2066630
Pressure Plate Assembly, Clutch 170C1421
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 574072C91
Cap, Transmission Si 4012751
Valve, Shift Slave, Transmission 265212C92
Spindle, Wheel, Driving 1V1392
Spider, Clutch 22C110-D
Cooler, Fluid, Transmission 446653C91
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 356826
Universal Joint, Vehicular 3683980
Differential 11675345-1
Clutch And Shaft As 11675528
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission 11936
Transmission Assemb PR1-1.22RATI0
Drive, Power Takeoff 11589008-1
Ring, Support, Transmission 13215E6664
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 292967
Filter Element, Fluid 1709
Transfer Transmission Assembly 1429530U
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 5D9906
Universal Joint, Vehicular 501-4675794
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 8P8683
Transmission Assembly 12.6HR18628-6
Plate, Cover Front 4012436A
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 8933000915
Clutch Half, Positive, Vehicular 40121277
Carrier Assembly, Planet 5S889
Carrier Assembly 7S8498
Plate, Front, Planetary 8S6318
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 1015Z1006
Universal Joint, Vehicular 206-4695294 ITEM 151
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 3G1467
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 586891C91
Piston, Clutch 4012374E
Ring, Seal 4012328
Plate, Indicator, Transmission 7J5282
Carrier, Guide Wheel 276051
Vane, Hydraulic, Transmission 208203-U
Housing, Gearshift 14010078
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 582556C91
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 582589C1
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 13062-50001
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 1P469
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 1P457
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 1P471
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 1P463
Flange, Plate 4012815
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 8640956
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 4-68787
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 5224073
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 4058303
Torque Converter, Vehicular DT22HC(NP4)
Transmission, Mechanical, Vehicula 575972C91
Axle Assembly, Automotive, Driving 1371290U
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission KT1077
Piston, Balance, Planetary 8S6187
Breather 7G2945
Transmission, Mechanical, Vehicula 2003707
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 9S2761
Lockup Valve Assembly 23016406
Adapter, Hub 312056
Flange, Plate 4012817
Flange, Assy, Final D 13211E9102
Valve, Selector, Transmission S-8800
Slug, Governor, Transmission 7G2946
Torque Converter, Vehicular 8623990
Manifold, Cover 1P9647
Support, Propeller Shaft 7829539
Plate Assembly, Torque Converter 5222639
Cooler, Fluid, Transmission 699
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 3723251
Transmission, Cross-drive 14442-50002
Torque Converter, Vehicular LL-1670-277
Parts Kit, Friction Clutch PX418
Shaft, Idler 238884
Body, Pressure Control Valve 9P4172
Carrier, Axle 120635
Shifter Fork, Vehicular 237114
Valve Control, Assembly 239047
Cover, Outer 13211E8754
Air Tube, Friction Clutch 510847
Parts Kit, Transmission Lever Uni 802015
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 236651
Drum And Valve Assembly 237110
Cover, Manifold 8S623
Carrier Ring, Torque 6P7706
Housing, Final Drive 8X3690
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 46A29P
Spider, Differential 3A5888
Spider, Differential 3A5322
Govenor Assembly, Transmission 6885570
Companion Joint, Drive Shaft 4186892
Clutch, Positive 5T5263
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular C5TZ-7550-G
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 23012277
Differential, Driving Axle 482861C91
Axle Assembly, Automotive, Driving 1363590U
Parts Kit, Mechanical Transmissio 478980C91
Parts Kit, Mechanical Transmissio 478713C94
Housing, Socket, Ball 15803FX5

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