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Vehicular Power Transmission Components - FSC 2520

Transfer Transmission Assemblies; Clutch Assemblies; Universal Joints; Propeller Shafts; Automotive Torque Converters; Power Takeoffs.
Last Modified: May 24, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Drum, Carrier 6831674
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 180635-1
Shaft And Worm 21363
Lever Assembly RSA11254
Gear And Shaft R10963
Housing R10967
Shaft R11153
Rod R11156
Bracket R11252
Cover R11103
Quadrant R11124
Fork R10996
Fork R10997
Shaft R11099
Bracket, Gearshift 11806
Housing R11715
Handle Assembly RSA11140
Housing, Gearshift R18449
Shaft, Back Gear 18454
Bearing Support 18458
Bracket R18459
Cover 18460
Bracket R18468
Countershaft 17151
Shaft 18426
Clutch Drum 18433
Countershaft 18442
Extension 18444
Retainer R24220
Fork R21926
Countershaft R24221
Quadrant R11253
Retainer R11270
Retainer 21323
Plate, Driving B1931B
Flange, Companion, Vehicular Unive 948445-101
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 229-70-48
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 229-70-33
Rod End Assembly D21673
Yoke Assy, Clutch Ad TM849A
Cap 21-454
Yoke R11268
Yoke R11269
Gear And Yoke Differential E36
Gear 07-205195
Cover, Transmission 07-205226
Rod, Control 07-613423
Lever 613421
Shaft 007207605
Fork 07-203366
Gear, Countershaft 201065
Hub WT214-15
Joint ACP44
Differential, Driving Axle 102352
Case 101396
Cover, Rear Bearing, 4B8040
Housing, Front Beari 4B8114
Spacer 4B8117
Yoke R14153
Fork 205230
Gear, Transmission 205238
Gear, Idler 007230239
Lever 205228
Lever, Clutch Release 533K51
Countershaft, Transm 07-203355
Cover 07-203341
Shaft, Clutch 2F5973
Shaft 4B7919
Hub 4B8009
Plate 4B8172
Block 48754H
Shaft Assembly 4B8501
Shaft 4B8483
Lever 4B8436
Fork 4B8414
Retainer 4B8329
Gear And Shaft 21265
Lever MAI4B8559
Housing, Bearing Uni 7B1435
Lock 5B2704
Retainer 6B0098
Hub, Sprocket 7B356
Housing Assy, A, Le 7B370
Hub 7B371
Hub 7B372
Fork 6B301
Plunger, Fork Shaft 6B0367
Lever 6B402
Shaft Assy, Shifter 6B2929
Hub Assembly, Flywhe 5B8761
Lever 5B9153
Shaft 6B4423
Housing, Front Beari 5B5991
Gear 5B5987
Gear 5B5986
Shaft And Gear Assy 5B9924
Gear, Compound Spur 5B9902
Support 5B9897
Cover Assembly, Tran 5B9941
Hub 4B7753

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