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Vehicular Power Transmission Components - FSC 2520

Transfer Transmission Assemblies; Clutch Assemblies; Universal Joints; Propeller Shafts; Automotive Torque Converters; Power Takeoffs.
Last Modified: May 27, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Parts Kit, Clutch Disk 5714973
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 24204283
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 5714965
Differential, Driving Axle A12-3200-H-1984--529M
Kit, Race 719810C91
Race 675702R1
Housing, Transmission, Mechanical 12446590
Flange, Companion, Vehicular Unive EMA0475-106-304
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission 5714952
Axle Assembly, Automotive, Driving 12448483
Shifter Fork, Vehicular M077079144
Shifter Fork, Vehicular M17725366
Ring, Support, Transmission 6935048
Cover, Oil Passage, Transmission 5910798
Cover, Oil Passage, Transmission 5910800
Boot 504059
Transmission, Mechanical 1223774
Breather ASP-3BV
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 135427
Differential And Drive Assembly, 217462
Cover, Oil Passage, Transmission 29506507
Torque Converter, Vehicular 9238280764
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 3668J
Differential Gear Unit 217573
Breather 125397
Universal Joint, Vehicular 74D755012-2059
Parts Kit, Slave Cylinder Clutch 15585417
Parts Kit, Oil Pan 7-311113127-17
Housing, Constant Velocity Drive 5742774
Parts Kit, Oil Pan 7-311113127-15
Transfer Transmission Assembly 3039450
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 805670-0928
Axle Assembly, Automotive, Driving 3337AS400-1
Breather 281426
Breather AB0913
Plate, Intermediate, Friction Clut 379595
Clutch Assembly, Friction 29501129
Sun Gear Shaft 29506042
Housing Part, Transmission, Mechan 1988093
P B Sleeve 1836-001
Spool 75288-05
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 6-60-184-0913
Pinion Cage 110732
Shaft Output 110818
Flange, Companion, Vehicular Unive 2W-3790
Gear Pinion Kit 119357
Clutch Assembly, Friction 4N4405
Plate, Transmission Oil 23047144
Transfer Case 3310512
Transmission 3310511
Flexplate 29535905
Retainer Assembly 63D52664-1
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission 2520NR0355
Differential, Housin 7352519-20
Box Assy 2218360U
Carrier Assembly 1267470
Differential, Driving Axle 69J51774-1
Transmission, Mechanical, Vehicula 24213461
Valve Assembly, Tran 24204262
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 57K4407
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 57K4408
Parts Kit, Transmission Planetary 5705907
Shifter Fork, Vehicular M177102518S
Plate, Locking 307262
Parts Kit, Universal Joint F5TZ4635-A
Parts Kit, Universal Joint F81Z3249-AA
Filling Flanger 441220
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 872533-5
Retainer, Clutch Plate, Transmissi S6053
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission 2520NR0368
Clutch Assembly, Friction 142087 JB
Clutch Assembly, Friction 142098 JA
Cooler, Fluid, Transmission 12422174
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission 2520NR0369
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission 2520NR0366
Adapter Assembly, Pump, Transmissi 7403013
Spider, Differential 4M9336
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Transmission 2520NR0322
Cap, Dust, Propeller Shaft GS23447-1
Tube, Drive Shaft 2K6404
Propeller Shaft, Vehicular 4248055-6
Parts Kit, Universal Joint JOINT
Parts Kit, Mechanical Transmissio 19535943
Universal Joint, Vehicular 0664995
Modulator, Transmission 1948017
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 6569618
Carrier, Clutch Release Bearing 269A5051-7
Carrier, Clutch Release Bearing 269A5051-18
Transmission 12469449
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 12414438-009
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 12414438
Breather N8796
Kit, Differential Co 57K3586
Propeller Shaft With Universal J 3041222
Final Drive, Vehicular 4246368
Drive Unit, Hydraulic 4246382
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular 57K3640
Differential, Driving Axle A6 3200W1869 3.90
Synchronizer, Transmission 287 2336-811
Plate, Damper, Transmission 300SG1073-1

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