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Vehicular Power Transmission Components - FSC 2520

Transfer Transmission Assemblies; Clutch Assemblies; Universal Joints; Propeller Shafts; Automotive Torque Converters; Power Takeoffs.
Last Modified: Jun 20, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shaft 590831
Parts Kit, Driving Axle Different 7411210
Kit 609944
Yoke 679787
Lever 14161103F
Hub Asy Sprocket 7349944
Clutch Assembly, Friction 382264
Differential Gear Unit 74819210
Flange, Propeller Sh 3878972
Transmission Assemb 3987957
Shifter Fork, Vehicular 2508015
Fork, Gearshift 2508017
Shaft E2586-11028
Wick, Release Sleeve 166785R1
Housing Center Bear 7411131
Yoke, Slip 72NLS32-55
Plate Reaction 6771513
Transmission 171249
Converter, Torque 659184
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 628794
Plate Assembly ULM511
Clutch Assembly A50411
Filter, Fluid M2504
Pump Assembly, Oil 340019C91
Transmission, Mechanical 628422C93
Transmission 4S8564
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 4059204
Ring, Clutch Driving 4017650
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 642061
Expander A50416
Parts Kit, Friction Clutch 1879662
Pressure Plate Assembly, Clutch 12-70
Spider, Universal Joint, Vehicular 114-5055
Lock Plate 3550J
Carrier, Clutch Bear 219240
Breather 59584
Transmission TDBE7004
Universal Joint, Vehicular D23083
Universal Joint, Vehicular 28778A
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 06421473
Collar, Clutch ULM501
Plate Assembly, Shifter, Power 328151X
Guide, Ring, Accumula 10905016
Torque Converter As D31238000-9
Parts Kit, Transmiss 352611C91
Plate With Cover 7376836
Plunger Assembly 2M9304
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 2512065
Plate, Pressure 2451593
Valve Spool, High-low 230102
Guide, Piston 230104
Spool, Valve Neutral 230105
Stator Torque Converter D47434
Cross And Bearing A 9-049-104362
Wiper, Valve 639919
Arm Assembly, Clutch 5S1779
Plunger, Gear Shift 6D2182
Plunger, Gear Shift 6D2192
Plunger, Gear Shift 6D2203
Rod, Transmission Control D34885
Clutch Half, Positive, Vehicular 14-10
Yoke, Release 301KD31
Shaft 1797736
Shaft, Axle, Automotive 2585379
Pressure Plate, Clut 1396478
Plate Assembly, Clut A7563
Shaft And Shifter Fork Assembly 5197428
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular E104805
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular E108657
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular E108683
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular E108658
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular TSHV9-5
Transmission, Hydraulic, Vehicular E104861
Clutch Half, Positive, Vehicular A11986
Yoke, Clutch Release U5522F
Shield, Ball Socket 41485
Transmission, Mechanical 612725
Carrier Assembly, Di 3879532
Washer 4590
Sleeve, Transmission 5223
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 3731884
Lever, Clutch C2TZ7515A
Clutch Assembly, Friction 107-118
Parts Kit, Universal Joint 114-6190A
Shaft 325T5
Fork 371T5
Roller 1779P94
Strap 09-6024
Shaft 639D1
Yoke, Universal Joint, Vehicular 17165J
Bushing, Speedometer A985
Rod, Shift, Front Whe 934393
Rod 611135C11
Transmission TRA70
Disk, Clutch, Vehicular 2078A
Piston Assembly 624VLD00551
Gear Mn 15096L
Gear Mn 15096M
Clutch, Sliding Sleeve, Vehicular 9H4826
Transmission And St 4M6262

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