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Vehicular Brake, Steering, Axle, Wheel, And Track Components - FSC 2530

Turrent Brakes; Clutch Brakes, Tank Turret.
Last Modified: Feb 25, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Arm, Control, Vehicular Suspension 6013199
Link, Emergency Brake, Vehicular 909085
Plate, Backing, Brake 4151410
Hub, Wheel, Vehicular 4R9867
Cable And Conduit Assembly, Vehic 15710000
Torque Rod, Tandem Axle 4R-9825
Arm, Pivoting Wheel Spindle 12418216
Axle, Vehicular, Nondriving 094231
Tie Rod, Steering 6005119
Lining Set, Friction 923109.0508
Accumulator, Hydraulic FC-120-100-3
Sensor, Anti-lock Brake, Vehicular 920596.0031
Sensor, Anti-lock Brake, Vehicular 920596.0027
Sensor, Anti-lock Brake, Vehicular 920596.0022
Cylinder, Hydraulic Accumulator 2339210
Control Unit, Pneumatic Tire 26-1400-106
Tie Rod, Steering NW33646
Spider, Brake L-090/095
Pivot, Front Axle 909596
Strut, Parking Brake 3790477
Dummy Coupling, Automotive Air Br 12378726
Parts Kit, Piston Assembly, Compre 24880689
Cylinder Assembly, Hydraulic Brak 4151406
Disc, Brake 24490
Cylinder Assembly, Hydraulic Brak 24448
Piston, Hydraulic Brake 24439
Axle, Vehicular, Nondriving D22FC78W71SB1
Brake Lining Kit K71-166-00
Brake Lining Kit K71-165-00
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Wheel K71-081-00
Parts Kit, Disk Brake 923366
Cable And Conduit Assembly, Vehic 2797065
Valve, Steering Selector HCD2/1/E2/L1-A2
Master Cylinder Power Unit 02-460-506
Caliper Assembly, Disc Brake 246319
Master Cylinder Power Unit F29Z2140-A
Brake Shoe Set 802365
Brake Shoe Set F29Z2200-A
Valve, Relay, Air Pressure 8D00121-8
Ring, Cam, Brake 23360
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Master 2233023
Cylinder Assembly, Hydraulic Brak E99Z2261-A
Valve, Differential Protection, Ai F29Z2B257-A
Valve, Brake, Anti-lock E99Z2B373-A
Spindle, Wheel, Driving-nondriving 5537-1
Spindle, Wheel, Driving-nondriving 5530-1
Parts Kit, Ball Joint 6006645
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Wheel F2HZ2B107-A
Boot, Vehicular Components 26018333
Boot, Vehicular Components 36-1156
Brake Lining Kit F4HZ2007-A
Arm, Steering Gear 48405A2
Boot, Vehicular Components 202F274-51/164
Boot, Vehicular Components 12370932-5
Boot, Vehicular Components 313C743-9-200
Adapter, Brake Valve 81830
Steering Gear 2530011693168
Cylinder Assembly, Hydraulic Brak 172-1444
Hub, Wheel, Vehicular 7470014
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Master F29Z2004-A
Cylinder, Hydraulic Brake, Master 174-718
Brake Booster Assembly, Master Cy 178-494
Sensor, Anti-lock Brake, Vehicular 10456045
Sensor, Anti-lock Brake, Vehicular 10456046
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Wheel F29Z2128-A
Boot, Vehicular Components 12370932-4
Boot, Vehicular Components 12370930-5
Boot, Vehicular Components 12370932-3
Boot, Vehicular Components 202D921-4/86
Boot, Vehicular Components 202D299-25-03/86
Actuator Assembly, Steering Colum 418236
Housing, Steering Column AT135562
Wheel, Pneumatic Tire 2392044
Steering Gear 213-1086
Parts Kit, Steering Gear 64487-000
Auto Inflation Kit, 31964-22
Disc, Brake 10559304
Brake Shoe Set F29Z2001-A
Accumulator, Hydraulic R77866
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Wheel 173-269
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Brake Master 18014033
Boot, Vehicular Components 4364781
Repair Kit Hand Pump SP35094
Housing, Vehicular Steering Gear 715567
Disk Brake Shoe 4773 575
Brake Booster Assembly, Master Cy 4509270
Sensor, Anti-lock Brake, Vehicular 4509212
Brake Shoe 4900714
Disk Brake Shoe Set 15618257
Brake Shoe Set NA52
Hub And Bearing Assembly 4641196
Pivot, Front Axle 2308780
Nut, Cap, Dual Wheel Mounting 2378728
Brake Shoe Set 4723 367
Cap, Grease 05-047446
Hub Cap, Wheel CHR/1711
Piston, Valve 715553
Housing, Vehicular Steering Gear 715560
Steering Gear 243-4008-001
Crankshaft, Compressor 032444T

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