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Miscellaneous Vehicular Components - FSC 2590

Attachments For Tanks, Self-propelled Weapons, And High Speed Tractors; A-frames And Winches Specifically Designed For Truck Mounting; Cranes And Crane Booms For Wrecker Trucks.
Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Indicator, Boom Angle 680881
Base Assembly, Oil Cooler 1700265C91
Socket And Plunger Assembly, Vehi 11829528
Cover, Steering Column Lock P224CB5
Control Assembly, Push-pull 2034508
Bezel, Automotive Trim 15594896
Bracket, Tire Hoist 126748BU
Control Assembly, Push-pull AT62420
Bezel, Automotive Trim 14022857
Bezel, Automotive Trim 15978013
Cover, Periscope 12351045-2
Hook, Hold Down 39035-0002
Pad, Cushioning 12335467
Suspension, Seat 31-2044
Block, Connector, Roll Bar 2590PL0788372
Tray Assembly, Water 12340158
Rack, Ammunition Stowage 12340175-1
Tray Assembly, Ammo Box 12340180
Housing, Air Inlet 8928636
Cap, Filler Opening 21175
Leg, Semitrailer Retractable Supp 158523
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line AT55852
Cover, Body 1220-0175
Lever, Remote Control 701057E
Control Assembly, Push-pull 5208-0139
Bezel, Automotive Trim 3A7527
Cap, Filler Opening 254022
Control Assembly, Push-pull 14033670
Support, Gun Mount 12340159-1
Boom Indicator, Vehicular S97304
Bezel, Automotive Trim A151279
Bracket, Vehicular Components 12338738
Support, Gun Mount 12340159-2
Leg, Semitrailer Retractable Supp 2T-6566
Filter, Fluid 55296
Filter, Fluid 5051281
Filter, Fluid 5051212
Pad, Cushioning 1129380C1
Control Assembly, Push-pull 71067-C
Control Assembly, Push-pull 71067-D
Retainer, Night Sig 12340147-1
Retainer, Night Sig 12340147-2
Cap, Filler Opening 13345
Pad, Cushioning 12349649
Pad, Cushioning 12349648
Pad, Cushioning 12349646
Pad, Cushioning 12349650
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 2000-5-0673
Shield, Litter Rack 5594676
Shield, Litter Rack 5594675
Control Assembly, Push-pull 620407
Tank, Oil, Hydraulic System 29-920-001
Cap, Filler Opening Z-9-11751-038-1
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 94881-1
Rack, Ammunition Stowage 2590PL0798502
Rack, Ammunition Stowage 5593189
Litter Stop, Lower Track 5596203
Rack, Ammunition Stowage 5594063
Fan, Vehicle Ventila 12349795
Guard, Fuel Line 12349987
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line A4737
Control Assembly, Push-pull 10027422
Cap, Filler Opening 02373
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 12S720-1JN
Control Assembly, Push-pull P41615-26
Parts Kit, Linear Directional Con 1145Z2
Cap, Filler Opening 8134401
Pad, Slider 16T4607
Pad, Slider 16T4604
Pad, Slider 16T4605
Slider Pad 16T4608
Control Assembly, Push-pull MB020458
Control Assembly, Push-pull 15115004
Pad, Cushioning 6S4624
Rainshield 3000-17
Liner 6P3741
Liner 6P3742
Liner 8A2984
Corner, Left Hand 8K7526
Liner 5G1446
Guide 8403GX
Rod, Retaining 1409000
Valve Assembly, Poppet, Hull Drain 1CH16
Boom Section, Inner, Crane D46-15391-4A
Housing, Control Unit 154-005-055/003
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 78352-43002
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 78350-32300
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 78350-32301
Control Assembly, Push-pull 11589520-9
Control Assembly, Push-pull 11589520-8
Filler Neck, Vehicular Components 4M2435
Cap, Filler Opening D25826
Control Assembly, Push-pull 802-00018
Retainer, Insulation 12339015-4
Retainer, Insulation 12339015-3
Retainer, Insulation 12339015-1
Retainer, Insulation 12339015-2
Cap, Filler Opening AI874929
Cap, Filler Opening 528 009 CHR
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 78352-43001

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