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Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Except Aircraft; And Components - FSC 2805

Gas Reciprocating Engines; All Gasoline Reciprocating Engines Except Aircraft Prime Moving.
Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Connecting Rod, Piston 1077546
Baffle, Airflow, Nonaircraft Recip 1064918
Engine, Gasoline 6012A8292
Baffle, Airflow, Nonaircraft Recip 1083773
Repair Kit, Gasoline Engine 1817253C95
Plate Assembly, Thrust 107.124.854.203
Manifold, Exhaust 3300 3972
Valve, Reed F23Z6582D
Breather 2L6876
Rocker Arm, Aux 107.022.505.200
Crankshaft, Engine 494564
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine J3241399
Flywheel, Engine 10218652
Oil Pan MD020230
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve E7TZ-6564B
Valve, Poppet, Engine V2302
Engine Block, Gasoline 6009A1251
Pin, Piston 807621
Crankshaft, Engine 512-6404652-24
Baffle, Airflow, Nonaircraft Recip 12351334
Flywheel, Engine 2771293
Damper And Pulley MD141468
Cap Assembly, Engine 23039004-04
Shift Rod 327337
Piston Assembly, Eng 491903
Valve, Poppet, Engine MD096219
Ring, Piston 4798878
Plug, Camshaft 4343903
Manifold, Intake 0-040-170-01
Trim Tab, Gearcase 338742
Plate Assembly, Thrust REPAIR PART
Engine, Gasoline 3034471375
Dipstick, Oil, Engine 684313C2
Wire, Ground 692319
Connecting Rod, Piston 491908
Guide, Valve Stem 33914
Camshaft, Engine J0456384
Plate, Control 491726
Spring Kit 495877
Housing, Supercharger 491827
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 83500251
Valve, Poppet, Engine 211172
Connecting Rod, Piston 221890
Crankshaft, Engine 397085
Deflector, Airflow F2TZ17779A
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 3926202
Engine Block Assembly, Gasoline 497144
Breather 4608-0006
Power Unit, Gasoline 1854320046
Guard, Gasoline Engine, Nonaircraf 84702240
Crankshaft, Engine 16K2713-13
Valve, Poppet, Engine F4DZ6507-A
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine F59Z6600-A
Ring Set, Piston F7DZ6148-AA
Manifold, Exhaust 4883385
Rod RE25052
Cover, Timing Gear, Internal Combu 53020222
Flywheel, Engine SE124AG
Adaptor Assembly 5146014
Dampener, Vibration, Engine 3N8786
Gauge, Oil 198416320
Valve Holder 131196200
Ring, Piston 3181459-1
Gasket, Oil Pan 8920090
Gasket, Oil Pan 8920089
Crankcase UH-26899
Engine, Gasoline 1854320035
Kit, Engine TIL307B
Kit, Engine TIL308B
Kit, Engine DV6897-0015
Kit, Engine DV6897-0011
Tensioner, Belt 685144-17453
Exchangers, Heat 3468AS801-1
Plate Assembly, Thrust 23.1111
Outboard Motor, Gasoline J115PLEE
Assembly, Steering, Handle 95419A1
Control, Remote 1690A15
Gearcase Assy 6426042-17
Cup Drive 4110903
Deflector, Airflow 2067041
Guard, Gasoline Engine, Nonaircraf 12466837
Bracket, Engine Lift 23507384
Bracket, Engine Lift 23507385
Sleeve Insulation 121325
Box, Automatic Power 2118756-1
Pin, Piston DC810035790
Ring, Dashpot 21123-32
Connector Assembly, Fuel 22-816856A3
Flywheel Assembly 261-9008A16
Cowl Assembly, Starboard 2187-9070A4
Module, Oil Warning 14857A16
Trim Cylinder Assembly 41493A7
Ball, Swivel 93421
Cowl Assembly 2188-9006A2
Piston Assembly, Ring 777-9009A13
Piston Assembly, Ring 777-9009A6
Piston Assembly, Ring 777-9009A7
Outboard Motor, Gasoline J20BFLCO
Plate, Reed Valve 93254
Plate Assembly, Thrust 1395-9177

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