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Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Except Aircraft; And Components - FSC 2805

Gas Reciprocating Engines; All Gasoline Reciprocating Engines Except Aircraft Prime Moving.
Last Modified: Jul 12, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rod Assembly, Connec 323647
Rod Assembly, Connec 323649
Head Assembly 324925
Crankcase Assy, Engi 327231
Connector 3853870
Piston Assembly, Sta 298904
Oil Pan 1533958
Bracket Set, Outboard Motor Mount 383458
Ring, Piston 859989-14
Cam B45526
Lever, Shaft B38982
Ring, Piston QT926S1
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 324910
Carrying Handle 306236
Engine, Gasoline C2TZ6009E
Manifold, Exhaust 325639R1
Outboard Motor, Gasoline 152HA
Body 0L0803
Pin, Piston 304713
Parts Kit, Bearing Replacement, Me CTF400T345
Pushrod 5150852
Shaft 5B1171
Lock, Valve Spring Retainer 3947880
Connecting Rod, Piston 3933174
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 3893251
Bracket, Idler Gear 525641
Ring, Piston S13095-3021
Cylinder Head, Gasoline Engine D1TZ-6049-D
Ring, Piston 86830
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin DB209-5S20
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin DB218S20
Ring, Piston 55038
Cylinder Head, Gasoline Engine AB99C
Connecting Rod, Piston 317290C11
Engine Block Assembly, Gasoline 110A1516
Throttle Cable 0377373
Screen, Filter 311198
Clamp Screw Assembly 379799
Valve, Poppet, Engine 235838
Cap 118761PC2
Engine Block Assembly, Gasoline BA49AS1
Crankshaft, Engine CA69C2
Flywheel, Engine N100
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin DB183D1S10
Piston Ring Set DR15DS10
Piston Ring Set DR15DS20
Piston Ring Set DR15DS30
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 7M218
Manifold, Intake 14871
Connecting Rod, Piston A235139
Pipe Assembly, Oil Pump Strainer 0632886-00
Ring Set 0378437
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 2808507
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 2899530
Retainer, Rocker Arm 1947616
Stop, Valve 2465203
Engine, Gasoline MVF4D311762
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 385198R91
Ring Set, Piston 235287
Retainer, Shaft 1947617
Housing 14-9
Sleeve 2407708
Cap 308055
Ring Set 0378436
Ring Set, Piston C0DZ6148C
Engine, Gasoline 8882628
Engine, Gasoline MC7640-1
Support, Engine 10896806
Mount, Engine 11609270-2
Plate, Shroud Seal 8732681
Connector, Oil Cooler 7971589
Connector, Oil Cooler 7971585
Eye, Engine Lifting 7738091
Strainer, Oil Pump 874907
Baffle, Airflow, Nonaircraft Recip 2805001348327
Valve, Poppet, Engine AE-103
Ring Set, Piston 9018KX STD
Parts Kit, Engine Poppet Valve B24-49128
Housing, Flywheel 3527364
Ring Set, Piston 3899496
Gasket Kit A35285
Cylinder Head, Gasoline Engine A49124
Connecting Rod, Piston A49019
Support, Radiator And Engine 10938246
Ring, Piston 05546-00
Valve, Poppet, Engine B49134
Adapter, Stop Button CCW252A120
Crankshaft Assembly TIP01401-16JUN71
Cylinder Head, Gasoline Engine G11888
Connecting Rod, Piston G11592
Ring Set, Piston T7750H
Parts Kit, Valve V2451
Parts Kit, Valve S2450
Rotor, Engine Poppet Valve G11928
Flywheel, Engine C5AZ-6375-K
Oil Pickup Assembly C4TZ6622A
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid B8A-6310-A
Camshaft, Engine 1001081
Pump Assembly, Oil C4TZ6600A
Shaft 2286

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