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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Sep 30, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Guide, Engine Poppet Valve Tappet 8921178
Reinforcement, End, Cylinder Block 8920248
Crankshaft, Engine 200818
Crankshaft, Engine 92-2171
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 8922235
Engine, Diesel 2711.015
Manifold, Intake 154-1378
Support, Engine 8920186
Cover Assembly 202085-800
Engine, Diesel MODELAC-2/606
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 8921148
Lifter 1P5600
Housing, Flywheel 5102272
Rod, Push 47150
Collar, Camshaft 47130
Ring, Piston 4914392-8
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 41151466
Button, Valve Rocker Arm 32-95
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 92-2525
Follower Assembly, Injector 8921273
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 8921149
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve A148138
Pump 5194390
Cleaning Tool A3303TD1
Remover 16606852
Strap, Crank Pin 16101942
Seating Tool Assemb N2049TDA
Plate, Camshaft Thru 2701E-6K252-A
Plate, Camshaft Thrust 8920163
Rotor, Engine Poppet Valve R8922962
Strap, Lift Engine F RE502329
Engine, Diesel 7N1307
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 348900
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 682118
Insert, Exhaust Valve Seat A58619
Pump Assembly, Oil, Diesel Engine A153805
Weight, Inner, Rear Balance 5119278
Housing Assembly, Inlet 5130281
Plate, Camshaft Thrust 2701E-6269-B
Crankshaft, Engine A154305
Modification Kit, Engine 12254214
Cover, Rocker 5119276
Engine Block Assembly, Diesel 5196490
Camshaft, Engine 5149095
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine IC-746-CIC
Ring, Piston IPD6N6640
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine A67352
Engine Block, Diesel 336583
Cylinder Sleeve A153638
Housing, Flywheel 5132265
Insert, Cylinder Lin 5101723
Cover, Engine Poppet Valve Rocker 5103798
Ring, Piston 13211E3121-1
Valve, Poppet, Engine 687437C1
Engine, Diesel 12361134
Engine Block Assembly, Diesel 686968C92
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve A141841
Air Vent S1530
Thrower 6L6857
Insert, Cylinder Lin 5101533
Pin, Piston A140607
Arm L21R
Arm M021-1
Kit, Over Hauling 05228701
Insert, Cylinder Lin 5101727
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 5199665
Connecting Rod, Piston 671016C92
Kit, Piston AR11220
Injector 3007498
Oil Pan BM48629
Flywheel, Engine 5136138
Cover, Engine Poppet Valve Rocker 5101612
Plate, Front, Gear 4914494-2
Cover, Timing Gear, Internal Combu 310647
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine AR62452
Auxiliary Engine 101764
Cover Plate 8871 10010
Rotor, Engine Poppet Valve N7175
Flywheel, Engine 41-28-008
Flange, Coupling Adj AFB5045E
Pendulum, Damper, Dis CAFB7260V
Pendulum Damper Eng CAFB7260W
Spider CA12FB7399G
Cylinder Sleeve And Piston Assem 5149360
Adaptor, Dipstick 5142469
Body, Connector 164717
Gear Assembly AL17104A
Hub, Idler, Gear AL31312
Oil Pan 23505138
Connecting Rod, Piston 5108178
Housing Assembly 5147602
Pendulum Damper, Eng CAFB7260X
Manifold, Exhaust 5145049
Manifold, Exhaust 578X205A
Engine, Diesel 5063-5000/841030
Piston Kit 706-00047-047
Cylinder Sleeve And Piston Assem AR71592
Overspeed Control 16604194
Engine, Diesel 6-V53 MODEL 5062-7000
Turbocharger(st-50) AR12637

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