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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Support, Dial Gauge P12612806
Attachment, Discharg P12612978
Seal Assembly, Oil P12613022 PIECE 50
Body, Valve Root P12613040
Case, Gear, Water, Pum P12613052
Plug, Machine P12614127
Guide, Roller P311579
Ring P400614N
Collar, Clamp P425159
Spool P425041
Screw, Adjusting, Nozzle P424775N
Lock, Valve Spring Retainer 29.019
Shield, Push Rod P424283
Cap Top, Rocker Arm P422259N
Spring, Internal P407104N
Plate, Lock 0014010.02.10
Plate, Lock 0N14020.01.10
Plate, Lock 0N14110.01.10
Body, Valve Safety 03770014N
Rupture Disc, Stud 1 1/2 300/600 ASA
Bar P126130860N PIECE13
Pad, Trapped 10551771
Pad 11862054
Sleeve, Cylinder, Die P12601052N
Ring, Oil, Diesel P12601039N
Support, Governor, Drive P105320N
Linkage, Governor P12602966N
Adapter, Barring Motor P12601865
Support P12602436
Cover, Camshaft, Asse P12615037
Drive, Rocker P08426
Block, Adjustment P411895N
End, Eye P412451
Block, Shock P12611585
Spring, Flexible Cou P12611627
Damper, Vibration P12611629
Header Assembly, Water P12611634N
Cover, Injection Pump Control P12611643N
Piping Assembly, Lub P12611645N
Controls, Shutdown P12611647
Cover, Cylinder, Gear P12614974N
Valve, Air Start, Pis P12611803
Valve, Air Start, Con P12611804
Body, Air Distributor P12611820N
Housing, Air Distributor P12611822N
Valve, Poppet, Engine P12611856N
Drive, Governor Asse P12611871N
Support, Bearing P12611872N
Piping, Air Start, Co P12611876N
Dowel, Coupling Flywheel 12611964X
Drive, Electric Tach P12611913
Sleeve P12611957N
Manifold, Inlet Water P12611975N
Plate, Support P12611991
Piping, Starting Air P12611999
Oiler And Piping P12612000
Lever P304964
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid P424302
Cylinder Sleeve P014085N
Guide, Valve Stem P12615020
Guide, Valve Stem P12615021
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine P12611842
Cylinder Sleeve 1216648H1
Enclosure 11912266N
Retainer, Coupling 12542899
Fitting, Connector 16700042N
Separator, Oil Vacum 6IN-RW-LP
Dowel, Straight Threaded 81137841
Cams, Rotation, Count P12613067
Drive, Pump, Water P12611560
Cap P12602259
Manifold, Exhaust P12612489
Collar, Piston Protection P12612773
Rod, Valve Cover, Exh P12613176
Rod, Valve Cover, Exh P12613178
Rocker, Lube P12613313
Socket, Model 36mm P12613704
Block, Roller Lock P12614113
Lock, Roller P12614115
Puller P12614117
Cover, Injection Pump Cntrol P306109N
Ring, Centering P314710
Support, Intercooler P12611677N
Header, Supply P12611692N
Header, Forward Leak P12611725
Lubricator Assembly P12611735N
Pipe Assembly Conne P12611743N
Drive, Governor Inpu P12611753N
Plate, Retaining P309305N
Manifold, Exhaust 677690C1
Rod, Upper Fuel Conn CADH2204A
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 671561C1
Guard, Filter 13214E2658
Collar, Clamp P432525
Disk, Centering P12600317
Linkage, Adjustable P12601583N
Header, Forward Leak P12611672
Tank, Detector Assem P12611723N
Block, Supply P12611727N
Lubricator Assembly P12611733N

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