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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Feb 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing, Flywheel 40281003
Housing, Oil Cooler 5123283
Piston, Valve 3908816
Crankshaft, Engine 3907804
Engine Block Assembly, Diesel ZZ50078
Engine, Diesel 36780286
Lock, Valve Spring Retainer 403315-5
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve 840408-9
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 8000.122
Flywheel, Engine 1819891C91
Valve, Poppet, Engine 860555-2
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 7C6077
Guide, Valve Stem 840281-0
Dampener, Vibration, Engine 4R8939
Ring Set, Piston E9TZ6148EA
Ring Set, Piston 8211-141
Valve, Poppet, Engine 10045252
Tappet, Engine Poppet Valve 840409-7
Valve, Poppet, Engine 860075-1
Engine, Diesel TAMD41B/868353
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 859891-4
Valve, Poppet, Engine 9685.105
Engine Kit 868353 USNJS
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 1605130
Pin, Piston P32843
Lock, Valve Spring Retainer ED6410-017-S
Housing Section, Oil Pump Assembl 8269261
Engine, Diesel 3304T
Engine, Diesel 47105
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 14094013
Guide, Engine Poppet Valve Tappet 4845.201
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve 6I1241
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 8000.121
Valve, Poppet, Engine 9652.101
Camshaft, Engine 3923478
Dampener, Vibration, Engine 3914119
Manifold, Exhaust 3921482
Cylinder Sleeve 5878102361
Ring Set, Piston SD-94-LSVB
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 6605.078
Valve, Poppet, Engine 3802481
Cover, Engine Poppet Valve Rocker EY2431700120
Dampener, Vibration, Engine 3915070
Flywheel, Engine 3999937
Engine Block, Diesel 861245-9
Engine, Diesel 6BTA5.9-M2/SO 75025/76392
Engine, Diesel 868491
Housing, Flywheel 858363-5
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 860553-7
Camshaft, Engine 859384-0
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 0417 4885
Engine Block, Diesel 0417 3715
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 50-33360
Oil Pan 0417 2554
Collector Assembly 23508024
Ring Set, Piston 0417 5141
Manifold, Exhaust 0417 0349
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 0210 8633
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 0417 0172
Valve, Poppet, Engine 0210 8184
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 570-32670
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve 114250-14451
Ring Set, Piston EY2432350207
Parts Kit, Cylinder Sleeve 201-32802
Spill Strips, Stg 5 1113J64-43
Valve Assembly, Air Shutdown 23501164
Cylinder Sleeve 0417 0412
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 1343391BE-1
Housing-air Inlet 23500792
Spill Strip, H P Tu 2004G57-G1
Bushing, Generator 101C430AA-1
Ring Set, Piston 123-70965
Ring Set, Piston 570-36140
Lock, Valve Spring Retainer 336861
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 174B9588ADG1
Cylinder Sleeve 570-42001
Spill Strip, Stage 3 956B836-36
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 16Y3J72180C
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 16Y3J72190C
Engine Block, Diesel 3054473
Engine, Diesel KTA19-GS2
Engine, Diesel 1700546C9
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 223B6923-G1
Manifold, Exhaust 71937B
Oil Pan 117-69828
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 570-30682
Valve, Poppet, Engine 3803427
Valve, Poppet, Engine 3803360
Cover, Control Valve 2004G61-1
Cover Assembly, Thro 4003G55-1
Spill Strip, Stage 435B924-17
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 161-69828
Guide, Valve Stem 110-70965
Spill Strips Stage 956B836-33
Spill Strip, Stage 4358924-27
Oil Pan 5147750
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 3027421
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve 3066291
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve 3057139
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 3053476

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