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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring, Piston 3919918
Plug, Piston Pin 33905
Plug, Piston Pin 34637
Control Rod, Engine C0424850606
Engine, Diesel 57K4500
Camshaft And Gear C6205411300
Engine Block Assembly, Diesel C6205211504
Ring Set, Piston C6205312200
Crankshaft, Engine C6205311200
Manifold, Exhaust C6205115130
Connection, Air Inta C6205114360
Connection, Exhaust C6205115650
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 3934746
Housing, Oil Pump Assembly, Engine V20F1P09P38C5K22
Cover, Cylinder Head C6205118301
Housing, Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 3525002
Housing, Flywheel 3597942
Housing, Flywheel 3525199
Housing, Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 3531771
Manifold, Exhaust 3630551
Manifold, Exhaust 3630553
Crankshaft, Engine 3630075
Parts Kit, Piston Assembly, Engine 3802757
Oil Pan 23528954
Adapter, Oil Pan 3160923
Dampener, Vibration, Engine 3101655
Oil Pan 3166244
Flywheel, Engine 3090758
Oil Pan 3161489
Repair Kit, Diesel Engine 25-12004
Repair Kit, Diesel Engine 25-12009
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 7111-353AS
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve C6202435410
Manifold, Intake C6204114122
Brake, Engine 855789
Engine, Diesel 6068HF120
Regulator Pump 1039507
Water Jacket, Exhaust Manifold 1071207
Manifold, Exhaust R132262
Engine, Diesel D1105-E
Manifold, Exhaust R132373
Oil Pan R134725
Manifold, Intake RE500036
Parts Kit, Cylinder Head, Diesel E 3899270
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 3907156
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 3907158
Drive Unit, Diesel 1004619-P26
Oil Pan R134898
Oil Pan RE57482
Hub R500598
Flange, Special R500649
Speed Sensor, Diesel Engine OED-1740
Piston, Valve 317966400
Manifold, Exhaust 363055200
Manifold, Air Intake 363054900
Plate, Cover, Special 363147100
Cover, Special R501297
Camshaft, Engine T12619207
Engine, Diesel T12619166
Drive Gear Assy Go T12618856
Tank, Degassing T12619168
Adapter, Intake Manifold, Diesel 142-3000
Shaft, Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet V 8929617
Crankshaft, Engine 128-6786
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 3967453
Deflector, Airflow 6623855
Deflector, Airflow 6623856
Housing Assembly, Engine R502983
Oil Pan R503403
Housing Assembly, En R504272
Camshaft, Engine 106-4586
Engine Block, Diesel 100-8027
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 7L7326
Engine, Diesel 4045HF150
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 12567769
Piston And Ring Assembly T56897 PC001
Piston And Ring Assembly T013420 PC021
Piston And Ring Assembly T109235
Piston, Valve T109702 PC004
Ring, Piston T015120 PC047
Speed Sensor, Diesel Engine T12619260
Speed Sensor, Diesel Engine T318652
Spring Holder T12617933
Cam, Assy.ex T12619455
Union Assy. T53765
Tapering Seat Set T12618566
Bearing Thrust T12619294
Bearing Thrust Cams T12619295
Thrust, Bearing Assy T12619277
Cover End T12619044
Rear Oil Seal Assy. T55246-4
Seal Retainer Assy. T010714 PC003
Barring Device Assy T12619107
Thrust Flange Assy. T55144-1
Key, Camshaft T157597 PC005
Camshaft Key T360404
Key Camshaft T157597 PC007
Key, Cam. T157597 PC006
Air Dryer Assy. T57254
Mag., Pickup T12617697

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