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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Jul 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Lever 3290566
Support Assy 5156497
Plug 5178479
Pump, Lubrication, Co BM76243
Chamber Assembly, Precombustion 14U1516PCADD5285
Connection Assy, Oil C3154682
Connection Assy, Wat A77621
Connection, Exhaust A77711
Casing Assy, Superch W8498862
Casing Assy, Bearing W8498857PC1
Valve And Cage, Exhaust AV6-801
Pump Assy, Oil 254455R99
Cover, Front 139680
Cover Valve Tappet 125021
Bracket, Rocker, Shaf 145079
Drive Assy, Hydrauli 5184421
Screen, Blower Intak 5141256
Repair Kit, Diesel Engine 125087ASP020
Crankshaft, Engine 8F3755
Plate, Retaining, Shaft 06-450 2467
Valve, Poppet, Engine GSB11T
Manifold, Exhaust 40835
Cover Assy A82445
Manifold, E, Haust 4368808-4
Cover, Governor Weight Housing PC5176837
Plate, Lock, Fuel Pump 125510A
Plug, Metering N12793PC2
Plug, Air Manifold 3215258
Guide, E, Haust Valve 3260678
Guide, Valve Bridge 3253485
Ferrule, Water, Liner 3252826
Plug Assembly 253418
Ferrule, Exhaust Man 3252806
Crankshaft 14U1480PCDB7180
Cap, Oil Relief Valv DA6592
Detent And Shaft As A80153
Dowel, Crankshaft Be A72762
Extension Assy A84195
Dowel, Crankshaft Be A-71754
Detent A74208
Disk Assy D3121933
Spring 67758
Piston, Relief Valve 17743
Plunger, Governor Speed Control 5182555
Plug, Crankshaft 5173048
Clamping Bar, Hand H AEA7148C
Seat, Thrust Bearing A76190
Screen, Oil, Crankcas A73838
Shaft, Pump, Driven I A76332
Tank Assy A79309
Adapter, Pump, Engine 5168667
Lock, Valve Spring S K110
Tappet, Valve 65C1103
Arm, Overspeed Gover 1145
Shell, Bearing Suppo PC578S4105-75945H75CBH15458
Plate Assy, Pump 3375216
Plate, End Rocker Le 3262589
Sleeve, Drive Shaft T32
Cover, Governor Colu 3272559
Seat, E, Haust Plunge 3372022
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 3307104
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 3307103
Cover Assy 3254734
Retainer, Bearing 3253532
Trunnion, Piston 3256597
Cover, Flywheel Hous 6181
Cover, Instrument Pa 14U1105PC9001
Cover, Crankshaft Fr 5175071
Regulator, Oil Pressure 5187463
Pin, Piston 7648
Stubshaft, Governor 8069270
Plate, Ring 21AF10B8562APC4
Plate, Zinc CJA3147A
Plug, Blind Indicator Cock B3106568
Cover Assy 4FB4038E
Push Rod Assembly, Tappet Injecti ADH652AANDASH625
Plug, Blind Cylinder B3159405
End Assy, Rod 2314AEAAC
Tappet, Valve JHP39-197
Manifold, Exhaust 75034D
Liner, Combustion Chamber 186235B
Ring, Piston DS5616
Plug Assy, Cylinder A87107
Vernier Sleeve, Fuel Injection Pu A74226
Plug, Special A76523
Sprag Assy A77097
Support Assy, Superc A73844
Shaft, Pump, Gear Con A76621
Shaft, Pump Drive A76337
Cover, Crankcase Low 3154955
Screen, Oil, Crankcas A73754
Plug, Crankshaft Bea A71097
Plug, Crankshaft Cra A73997
Plug, Crankshaft Cra A73996
Cover, Oil Pump A83503
Shaft, Pumpdrive A77441
Shaft Assy, Gear, Out A77906
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin P21047A1
Cylinder Sleeve 14U1488PCDD5178B
Rod, Push, Engine Val 369GCA112A

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