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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Jul 10, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Liner, Inlet Tube Ho A-75738
Liner, Hose A75737
Cup Piston 8 In 12-10B
Cylinder Air 8 In 2-10A
Liner Assy, Cylinder X-2248
Pin, Piston G621LXH
Guide, Spacer 82219S41-127ALT5PC13
Sleeve, Shaft 82219S41-188PC28
Blower Assy 3370062
Manifold Assy 3274169
Pan, Oil 3301456
Plate, Camshaft Thru AMC61S41-178PC303
Seat Insert, Valve AMC61S41-157PC125
Shoe Assy, Thrust Be DS20981
Piston Assy, Overspe A74219
Liner, Governor Bearing A-74082
Liner, Bearing A76092
Body Assy, Control V A76465
Guide, Overspeed Cut A78187
Liner, Bearing A74424
Manifold Assy, Intak A73756
Manifold Assy, E, Hau A73758
Manifold Assy, E, Hau A74321
Guide, Control A77222
Liner, Bearing A73834
Liner, Bearing A80533
Guide, Valve A70706
Guide, Valve A70707
Liner, Cage A76374
Liner, Cage A76375
Valve Subassembly JS-81-4D
Manifold LS6-23-2M
Piston Guide Assemb CB2701C
Pin, Piston 5190940
Cylinder, Air Starti LS-12-1N#1
Ring, Valve Cage LS-11-1J
Screwgrommet Tighte LS12-1V
Ring, Seal, Turbine ET18-1MM
Guide, Tappet, Horizo 39254356
Rotor, Oil Pump 7C24X497
Cup, Packing, Piston Y1033D1PC22
Piston Assembly, Eng 14LS5-4
Valve, Poppet, Engine LS12-1K
Valve Cartridge, Manifold CB2295C
Seat, Valve Lever DRP-15990A PC 2
Pump, Oil 2H7108
Cylinder Sleeve 81417S41-1027PC2
Manifold, E, Haust 5286522A
Cylinder Sleeve 60-04-448
Bracket, Rocker Arm 14U1150PCDA6367
Bracket, Rocker Arm 14U603PCDB7040
Bracket, Rocker Arm 14U1010PCDA6044
Bracket, Valve Lifte 5380
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 82215S61-128PC33A
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 82215S61-124PC33B
Ring Seal GN24D
Blower Assy, Engine 3301632
Cover, Camshaft Driv 3304798
Pan, Oil 5168253
Manifold, Water Outl 5184358
Manifold, E, Haust 5184361
Flywheel Assy 5184390
Insert, Cylinder 5176439
Cylinder Sleeve 82514S4105-10184H75EEF10098
Piston, Scavenger Pu 3545C6KCHC
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin ADH5A
Liner Assy, Cylinder 4018ADHAC
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin AMC61S41-146PC91
Cylinder Sleeve V6-662
Sleeve, Shaft FSL27-3PC10
Retainer, Keeper, Cylinder GSBF11PC45
Piston Assy, Engine 3215801
Header Assy, Oil 3255143
Pin Assy, Roller 3256969
Cylinder Sleeve AMC61S41-139PC50
Retainer Assy A74272
Ring, Clutch Actuato A76712
Retainer, Oil Pump G A77094
Cylinder Sleeve NS2037PC265
Cylinder Sleeve 5102316
Cylinder Sleeve 5190277
Piston Assy 5189055
Lock 3F8912
Plunger Assembly 6F7162
Wing, Centrifugal Pu 7F6620
Shim, Shaft 16465
Support Assembly 3275765
Bearing Assy 3275766
Cylinder Sleeve 3274516
Ring, Gasket Protecting 81127S4105-998868PC2
Manifold Assy, E, Hau 3265831
Manifold Assy, E, Hau 3265832
Ring, Piston 3258908
Ring, Piston ZD129A300
Ring, Piston ZD129A3290
Ring, Expander, Piston ZD129A302
Retainer, Detent Plu A77174
Ring, Reverse Gear O A83954
Ring, Reverse Gear O A79759
Engine, Diesel 6DC844

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