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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Aug 15, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Line, Thermostat 4361494
Funnel, Piston CSA41-6N0F
Camshaft 10EN14-8
Shaft EN35-5RR
Ring, Piston FSC5PC3
Guide, Valve Stem 3235695
Panel, Crankcase 3274031
Housing, Accessory D 3229486
Housing, Accessory D 3274143
Cover, Cross Shaft 3274203
Plate, End 3274742
Cover, Hand Hole 3242206
Bracket, Instrument 3244973
Camshaft, Starboard 3244883
Space, Cover 3247964
Rotor, Blower 3276810
Adapter Assembly, Tachometer 5173408PC5152651
Adapter, Overspeed T 3290873
Manifold 3246839
Manifold 3246841
Cover, End 3388958
Cover Campocket 3302268
Cover, Intermediate 3388953
Bridge, Valve 3307263
Crankshaft 3374041
Plug With Screw 3375129
Plug, Piston Pin 3375132
Lock, Device 3244644
Connecting Rod, Piston 3244776
Housing, Lower 3245207
Lever, Control 3249687
Body, Valve 3275998
Housing, Gear 3276108
Cover, Camshaft Driv 3276151
Coupling, Shaft 3276375
Body, Valve 3276506
Body, Valve 3276507
Manifold, Air Distri 3266361
Crankshaft, Engine 5152746
Head, Cylinder 5154288
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 5151414
Oil Pan 5145777
Flywheel, Engine 5155943
Manifold, E, Haust 5157385
Flywheel And Gear, C 5173408PC5161549
Flywheel, Engine 5152681
Cam, Governor 5151518
Pulley Flange 5160528
Ring, Piston ADD5705B
Ring, Piston MADG5BPC20-26
Crankshaft 25A3DDAC
Crankshaft 25A3DDBC
Housing, Valve AFB475B
Ring, Pilot, Crankshaft 16104205
Hub, Lower Coupling, Vertical Driv 16602817
Ring, Lower Coupling Hub Clamp, Ve 22AF10C2435APC27
Hub, Coupling MAAFB2435APC76
Plate, Bearing AFB6314D
Arm, Lever ADD3397A
Manifold 13AF10B225ARH
Manifold 15AF9B225ARH
Manifold 225A9FBEC
Manifold 225A9FBFC
Crankshaft 25A9FBAC
Crankshaft 25A9FBBC
Camshaft, Engine 30A10FBAC
Retainer NAFB6709B
Rod, Governor MAFB4868EPC59
Housing And Stud 16602055
Cam 16101046
Lever And Pin 16200462
Rod, Control CAFB6822D
Sleeve, Eccentric 3274821
Manifold, Assembly 6B6673
Pump 7B4213
Bell 7B5148
Bell 8B149
Clamp, Hold Down 3263824
Lever, E, Haust 3258495
Lever, Injector 3258498
Cam, Fuel Oil 75687
Rod, Control NA10FB6822A
Lever And Bearing 16606293
Lever, End AFB5122A
Roller, Fuel Rod, Control NAFB6824A
Body, Valve NAFB854E
Plunger, Stop CAFB4973A
Piston, Valve 10AF10C4988APC26
Cover, Torsion NAFB4577B
Valve And Guide MAFB571CPC11-13
Shaft And Pin 16101767
Rod MADG6822CPC28
Roller, Rod CADH8546A
Retainer, Oil 7AD6D3541APC51
Outlet, Oil ADE4014A
Sleeve And Rivet MADG6822CPC10
Roller, Rod 16102796
Retainer, Oil ADD4639A
Retainer, Cooling Oil, Lower, Cylin MADG5BPC10
Retainer, Bearing MFAFB4578APC12

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