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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing, Filter P211349
Adapter YP211374-1
Pipe Assembly YP211449-1
Head, With Valves YP-2405-5E2
Cylinder Sleeve YP78S41-204PCP55-1
Head, With Valves YP405N3
Insert, Engine Valve Seat NP10004PCP8
Valve, Compression P488-4
Plunger, Tappet NP7003PCP87
Plunger, Valve Tappe P211883
Tappet, Engine Poppet Valve P72
Plunger, Lever P163
Gear Assy 5S162-3
Shell, Bearing YT145S41-010PC34
Head Assembly, Cylin 5222A
Cap, Valve Stem 23D46598-1
Guide, Valve Stem 52324A
Lock, Spring 22N250PC40
Retainer 22N406PC39
Tube YT145S41-031PC5
Valve, Poppet, Engine 22N254PC30
Lifter Assy 5243A
Rod Assembly 52455B
Rod Assembly, Push 52456B
Roller 24N506PC40
Seat, Rod 24D46580-1
Ring, Shaft 26C1005-1
Retainer, Spring 32D2221-1
Parts Kit, Connecting Rod 5S170-12
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine A268895
Connecting Rod, Piston A268817
Guard, Diesel Engine 11633340
Guard, Diesel Engine 11633521
Lock Plate, Crankcas 2A4965
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine IPD1P8281
Shaft With Gear 607304C92
Retainer Assy, Beari 4L3769
Shaft Assembly 5125992
Manifold Assembly 4127598
Valve, Control 887736C91
Parts Kit, Piston Assembly, Engine 612016C92
Ring, Piston 41878
Ring, Piston 0130171
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 168695
Piston Assembly 161441
Connecting Rod, Piston 144767
Lock, Valve Spring Retainer 99571
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 161455
Parts Kit, Turbocharger 176948
Turbocharger, Ground 22600181
Clamp, Oil Filler Br 8M6744
Tube 94805
Adapter, Fuel Inject 10889776
Housing Assembly, Air Inlet 5128740
Bracket Assembly, Oil Pump 5173139
Guard, Diesel Engine 8761069
Valve, Poppet, Engine 0910002
Ring Set, Piston 411578057
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 9430051
Engine Block, Diesel 0110233
Ring, Piston 0130161
Valve, Poppet, Engine 31431261
Thrower, Front 3N7327
Lever Assembly A701060
Pin Lifter Guide 2815NR0269
Seat, Manifold 239034
Rod, Connecting 9F2325
Retainer, Crankshaft 198985
Pad Set, Engine Breather 5190344
Sleeve And Piston Assembly 4023865
Ring Set, Piston 2716603
Engine, Diesel E785U
Ring Set, Piston 674733C91
Retainer, Air Cell 4340255
Ring 91113
Retainer, Spring 9890-001
Seat, Spring 9889
Valve, Poppet, Engine 9863-2
Valve, Poppet, Engine 9863-1
Wedge, Valve 9890-002
Piston, Air Starting 9585
Retainer, Air Valve Cage 9583
Valve, Poppet, Engine 9160-002
Rod Rush 92645
Ring, Tappet 91650
Guide, Valve Stem 49866-1
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve 92644
Ring, Piston MD11883A
Rocker Arm 0145067L
Jaw, Starting Crank 4352215
Screen, Air Heater DE62158
Nut Lock 0L1604
Cover, Breather L905
Cover T53
Yoke 1A2600
Cover 1A2766
Lockplate 1A5702
Elbow 1F7544
Engine Block Assembly, Diesel 1F8686
Shaft 2A1631

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