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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cover Assy 3267175
Cover Assy 3267171
Cover Assy 3267172
Rod Assy 16602463
Crankshaft HD260C00203
Bridge, Valve 1E649
Sleeve, Safety And T 3341896
Rocker Arm Assy, Val M61706
Ring, Piston 5M5704
Manifold Assy 3320982
Housing, Air Intake 3259062
Cap, Camshaft Bearin 3261618
Cap Assembly, Bearing 3266159
Cap Assy 3266160
Cap Assy 3266161
Piston Assy, Air Rev N5334AFBAC
Motor, Air Starting A87042
Engine, Diesel 2R7050
Guide, Valve Stem YT184561-0834PC46
Camshaft, Engine HD260I00501
Pin, Piston H9208-3
Insert, Engine Valve Seat H9455
Body Assy 5153122
Tube Assy 5175101
Adapter, Nozzle, Star 75771
Trap, Oil, Crankcase, 78368
Cylinder Sleeve 4670814
Guide, Valve BM35791
Guide, Valve Stem 10598400
Housing Assembly, Blower Manifold 5166951
Bearing, Crankshaft 258640R93
Guide, Valve Stem 105985
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 5192754
Bearing, Connecting 1845AT050
Rocker Cover And Oi 5110545
Body And Shaft Assy 5176121
Gear Set 6492ADHBC
Valve, Poppet, Engine 7H9611
Pin, Piston HD260A211
Cylinder Sleeve 140030A
Cover Assembly, Uppe 8175446
Engine, Diesel 1063-5000SPECIAL
Disk, Vuel Pump AL20225B
Handle, Brush 0D11978E
Cover, Engine AL20397A
Cover, Injector AL20349B
Link, Forked AL20364A
Link, Forked AL20363
Cover, Engine RPH21651
Fitting, Fuel AH22058
Circlip, Fuel Inject 6-105-DIESEL EN
Circlip, Fuel Inject 25-25
Rack Assembly 6-136
Valve, Poppet, Engine MILE11276
Pin, Piston NGA7D
Ring, Piston TD427A300
Valve, Poppet, Engine 4351494
Engine, Diesel D1X6D
Engine, Diesel NHRIS600
Engine, Diesel 3-71RC7NXSS24967
Engine, Diesel 45B4 1-8
Cylinder Sleeve NLA633
Ring, Piston 32022
Valve, Poppet, Engine T1636
Valve, Poppet, Engine 5192718
Ring Set, Piston 4396584
Cylinder Sleeve SD215
Ring, Piston 54217H
Ring, Piston 3240
Ring, Piston CKB4337A
Power Unit, Multiple Engine 12006A
Valve, Poppet, Engine 251074R1
Valve, Poppet, Engine 252595R1
Valve, Poppet, Engine S1723
Valve, Poppet, Engine 250533R2
Valve, Compression, R AL10514A
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 8477-2740
Ring, Piston TLHL120000
Rod, Connecting NLA116
Ring, Piston NHA8C
Valve, Poppet, Engine NHA9A
Retainer, Spring NLA175
Tappet, Engine Poppet Valve NLA193
Power Unit, Multiple Engine 12005A RH STBD CW
Power Unit, Multiple Engine 12006ALHPORT CCW
Thrust Plate, Camshaft 7M7136
Arm, Compression Relief 7M6854
Breather Assembly 9M9542
Spindle, Engine AL30014G
Rotor, Drive AL30015B
Spring, Coupling AL30843
Insert, Engine Valve Seat AL10025
Insert, Engine Valve Seat AL10026
Pad, Tappet AL102234
Spindle, Engine AL42015C
Ring, Locating AL42047
Spindle, Engine AL51015
Valve, Stop Air Star AL51123
Piston, Engine XL14011D
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 4043746

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